Dream Characters!!!

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Re: Dream Characters!!!

Postby HAGART » 30 Aug 2012 05:48

lucidinthe sky wrote:Every time so far, the DCs have been completely excited to learn about it, so excited.

I think the DCs are excited because YOU are excited.
I have noticed that the characters in my dreams tend to reflect my emotion. If I am hostile toward them (sometimes I like to mentally fling them against walls and watch them explode into dust... I still don't know why I do that sometimes), but if I mess with them, they tend to gang up on me. When this happened once I said, "why are we fighting? let's be friends." I just sat down like a pacifist and they all stopped and sat with me.

However those are just the zombie-like projections that populate the dream. Every now and then I meet people that I have never met in real life and they seem to have a mind and personality of their own. And for some reason none of my lucid dream powers work on them.

This has got me thinking. I have had quite a few encounters with DCs that seem sentient and will go through my dream journal to see which one is the craziest. (It's probably HAGART.... if you read my intro from January which is buried somewhere in 'For Beginners')
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Re: Dream Characters!!!

Postby Mr.Lucid » 30 Aug 2012 14:02

All of those stories are awesome!!! Can't wait to hear more! :lol:

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lucidinthe sky
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Re: Dream Characters!!!

Postby lucidinthe sky » 30 Aug 2012 15:46

Had a lucid dream this morning and the DCs that were with me when I discovered I was dreaming were really interested and excited, but the rest we met along the way were zombies and would say nothing. :(

Wonder sometimes if many of the DCs are just supposed to be "extras" like in a movie and they don't have any lines. They seemed surprised that I was talking to them and gave me this look like "Why are you talking to us? You're not supposed to be talking to us."

Anyway, it was a fun lucid dream.
Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world? Morpheus

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Re: Dream Characters!!!

Postby Lucid Dreamer » 30 Aug 2012 17:12

(the movie thing is a really cool analogy to think about. i think that it may be partly right.)

last night i had a lucid dream. i was in a motorboat. i said to my friend on the boat with me, "do you know, that we are in a dream?" "she calmly responded, "i know."

(i know. another boring one. one of my goals is to interact with dc's like teach them to do stuff or have a deep conversation with them or something like that.)
"All men whilst they are awake are in one common world: but each of them, when he is asleep, is in a world of his own." ~Plutarch

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Re: Dream Characters!!!

Postby fistania » 30 Aug 2012 17:24

one of the dream characters i remember the most was when i tried to project my favorite cartoon character by waking him up on the bed (i expected after he opens the blanket i will see his face). instead, other boy (which is kinda looked like him, but not him) was there and his personality was kind of the opposite.

the one i expected is kinda timid and cool (soft inside cool outside)
the one that showed up was an energetic boy with a super sociable aura and always tried to get close to me in my LD.

he was topless with a blue-white-striped shorts when i woke him, so i was like "wat." and when we were taking a walk (chatting) i was like "don't get too clooooooose!! ℇ≡(0_0;)" with a joking sound, and he said "what's wrooong?? ℇ≡(ノ°▽°)ノ" with his come-to-mommy style. he ended up chasing me and i ended up running away from him. i thought why is he the one that shows up!? and i kinda shouted while running away in circles (circling a table) "OH MY GOD can't you be a little bit more, idk, COOL!? ℇ≡щ(ºДºщ)" referring to the character i was intended to project, and he was just shouted back "eeh, whyyyyyy??? ℇ≡≡(ノ ̄▽ ̄)ノ" , still chasing me. i don't remember how it ended, but i had some false awakening. it was fun.

i didn't get to project the right dream character, but i was giggling so much writting the dream journal :lol: and sorry for the emoticons :p

oh right i remember one dream character that was suddenly pushed his knees to my knees from behind that made my knees suddenly bend (as a prank) when i was walking on somekind of a mall. super random. and i looked at him with the look of "who the hell are you???", lol

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Re: Dream Characters!!!

Postby Mr.Lucid » 31 Aug 2012 13:50

Those are quite funny :lol:
I love this forum!!!!!

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