Just a interesting observation

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Just a interesting observation

Postby nightflyt » 07 Jul 2011 02:20

Like most people, I have had Lucid dreams but very rarely. Recently, I have been reading books on this subject and practicing the techniques. When i started keeping a dream journal, I did notice that my dreams have become more vivid. Just the simple act of keeping the journal has increase my dream recall considerably. Although again like most, I haven't wrote in it every day. Then i started listening to binaural beats before i go to sleep. I downloaded a 20 min sample and i listen to it about 2 times before i go to sleep. Not sure if this is the result of keeping the journal and listening to the binaural beats but i have had 2 lucid dreams in about a 10 day span. Just wanted to share with others what i have experienced since i have started reading this forum. I don't think its a revelation by any stretch of the imagination but i think if you do apply these techniques you can accomplish lucid dreams.

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Re: Just a interesting observation

Postby rdubya » 07 Jul 2011 15:08

Yup, pretty common practice to experience LD.I do both those as well as reality checks throughout the day..seems to work for me..

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