The Dark Caverns

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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The Dark Caverns

Postby James » 18 Aug 2012 23:49

When I was maybe 1 or 2 years old I would have this one exact dream, but about 5 times a week. I never really shared it because I thaught my mum would think I'm wierd, but then I didn't really understand that dreams ARE wierd :D
Anyways... It went a little like this:
I would be in a huge cave mining system exploring around. I noticed the candlelight casting dancing shadows on the pale blue walls. It was quite beutiful, as if it were a crystal mine. The deeper into the cave I went the more the cave grew black and dark. I could hear echos of water drips around me, but not much else.
The dream cut forward to me being in a big cave made of black rocks. It seemed to go around a curve, tunnel shaped apart from the tunnel was split down the middle, one half being the ledge I was on and the other a fall.
I looked over the edge into the darkness, but instead I found a very supernatural purpley black flowing liquid. Embers of pure dark spewed from it from time to time. I took off my shoe and dropoed it in to find as soon as it made contact, poof. Gone. Into a thick dark purple smoke.
I turned around still in the cave to find two monsters. They werent scary, but they were rather annoying. The one who seemed in charge was a fuzzy black ball with a face on it, and arms and legs. The other one was fuzzy too but after about these 10 years I forgot what it looked like. They annoyed me so much that I grabbed them by thier legs and threw them into the dark river below, but instead of 'poofing' they just warped right behind me. For about a minute I knew they were resistant to the river so I tried something new, I took off my other shoe and put it on the first one then threw it in, he poofed with the shoe. I agreed with the second one that I wouldn't put my sock on him and chuck him over if he left me alone and got me out of the cavern, which he did.
Then the dream moved to a sort of forest, but the trees like evergreens and white crystals were floating above each tree pouring out light. I could hear the birds singing and the sun on my face. It felt good. I walked around a bit untill I saw a girl lost in the forest so I helped her. I tried to get her out but a big white wall rose infront of every direction we ran to se we sat against one of these strange white walls.
We talked for a long white about alot of things and I genuinly quite liked her but then all of a sudden she said she had to go and flew away with a pair of angel wings. I was sad to see her go. Thats where the dream ended.

This recurring dream lasted for about 2 months, but it wasnt until about the 6th week that I finally finished it, because every day I would find out an extra 5 minutes, for example one day I'd get up to the bit about finding out the forest, the next exploring it, the next find the girl etc. I wonder what you lot think about it, if it has any meaning or not...
The dream stopped for no reason, nothing happen in waking life or so.

And sorry if it hasnt got much detail, it was when I was only under 3yrs old!

P.S. Every night I quite enjoyed looking forward to throwing annoying monsters into the dark river, after a while the frustration turned into amusmant :D.

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Re: The Dark Caverns

Postby marry1 » 04 Sep 2012 03:30

This seems really wired.

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Re: The Dark Caverns

Postby Tom.H » 03 Oct 2012 20:22

Wow, that dream sounds pretty awesome! It sounds really fantastical and otherworldly. Also the fact that it reoccurred for so long is pretty intriguing, I have had reoccurring dreams but only for at most a week.

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