what am i doing wrong?

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what am i doing wrong?

Postby dragonmaster » 07 Sep 2012 01:32

Hi, ive been trying to have lucid dreams for atleast a month, maybe 2 , and so far ive only had a phew minor successes, where i had just enough time to ask my subconcous a question, get an answer, and react, then i wake up. I havent had ANY amount of lucidity in 2 weeks now, and i'm starting to get frustrated. I'm doing 8-12 reality checks a day where i try to put my finger through my palm, and take a quick look around the room, and ive been doing a mild EVERY night. I feel like ive been doing this long enough now that i should have had more than about 5 small lucid dreams. Does see anything i'm doing wrong, or anything i can do to help? any help would be very much apreciated. :?:

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Re: what am i doing wrong?

Postby Bleekman117 » 08 Sep 2012 19:21

Lucid dreams take time and a lot of practice, but the biggest thing is perseverance! Keep at it!
You should also be meditating at least once a day, about 10-20 minutes. Also, a big problem that beginners have is that they want it too much and are trying too hard. Maybe take a week and just don't do anything, go about your life regularly. You might have the LD you are looking for then! And as for the waking up once you get in a LD, you are just getting too excited, a common beginner problem also. When you realize its a dream, try and calm yourself, take some deep breaths, do whatever you need to calm down.
Hope this helps!
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