WILD feedback and help needed...

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Re: WILD feedback and help needed...

Postby KylePK » 20 Jul 2012 05:09

Satopnek, I don't think its a matter of pre-developing a dream so much as maintaining the HI. Thats how I feel anyway :P
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Success!! Thanks Rebecca and others!

Postby satopnek » 22 Jul 2012 12:47

Well I had a wonderful night last night. I had my first awesome LD that I intended to have. I have had them over the years but just by chance and at best they were foggy. This one I intended to have and it was real life vivid.

Okay. I cheated and used galantamine (8mg) and choline; I also have added in daily supplements of quercetin. I had upped the galantamine dose from a previous attempt a week earlier. I attempted Wild and several times a dream would start but almost instantly crash. I decided I needed to remember to stabilize the dream.

I guess I just fell asleep. I ended up having a DILD that was amazing, vivid, I acted on previous intent to visit a cruise ship I was recently on. I remembered to stabilize the the dream; spinning did not work, it only made everything start to fade black. I fell backwards twice in a row and everything popped vivid. Several times during the dream I reminded myself that I was dreaming, I would rub my hands together to stay aware.

I flew, passed through ship decks (a little trouble with that), controlled people, pushed people away as if using the force, and controlled the lights with my mind.

It all ended when I felt like I was getting very tired. I told myself "don't fall asleep, stay awake"; mistake... as soon as I said the word awake I opened my eyes in bed.

The whole dream I guess lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. :D

Thank you so much Rebecca for your great site. I could not have had this experience without the info here. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply to my forum posts your guidance certainly help me.

Oh yeah, two people like cops were in my dream. They were different than all of the other automatons. They told me they wanted to talk to me. It seemed I was in trouble with them. I pushed them back like using the force and told them that I was in control and it was my dream. They put their hands up and said okay, you are in control. What was up with these two guys? They seemed different than everything else in the dream. Could they have been my subconscious or dream guides or something?

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Re: WILD feedback and help needed...

Postby sdao » 01 Aug 2012 11:39

I could be wrong but I am fairly sure they were agents, but then they realized you were the one and gave up :D

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Re: WILD feedback and help needed...

Postby ronalds141 » 26 Aug 2012 18:09

what are all those pills for? what do they do?

btw nice experience :)

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Re: WILD feedback and help needed...

Postby Kal » 26 Aug 2012 22:05

Haha, that dream sounds like a great experience!

I've only had one lucid dream myself, so I can't speak from experience yet. However, I've read about a lot of people's lucid dreams, and to me it seems that when you have one, your brain is initially very resistant to the idea that you're dreaming. It will, at first, try to trick you into losing your lucidity and just accepting the dream as reality again.

When I had my lucid dream, I told my auntie that I was dreaming and that she wasn't really there. She just smirked at me as if I was being an idiot. I think these cops could have been doing the same thing in your dream - trying to assert some control and convince you that the situation was real. From what everyone says, it seems that once you push back and assert your own authority, the dream characters will accept this and let you take charge.

Just my little observation. Who knows, I could be wrong. All very interesting stuff, nonetheless! :)

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Re: WILD feedback and help needed...

Postby satopnek » 09 Sep 2012 02:02

Sorry Ronalds141 I missed your inquiry about those supplements. Quercetin is a flavonoid which enhances the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the brain. It is closely related to vitamin C. Some people claim that apple juice increases their chances to LD. Quercetin is derived from the skins of fruits including apples and may be the ingredient that helps with LD. For this reason I added it to my daily supplements in place of drink a bunch of apple juice.

The galantamine and choline are commonly used to increase the chances to LD. Search this forum or google for more info. I have had the best luck with galantamine and choline where 3 weekends in a row I had multiple LDs per night using it (Saturday nights). The forth weekend I tried it again without luck but my sleep patterns and life was all jacked up due to work and life stress.

I know there are mixed opinions about using herbs and supplements to LD. I have had a lot of luck using them and have not had a ton of time to work on meditation.

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