aussie girl, desperate to control lucid dreams

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aussie girl, desperate to control lucid dreams

Postby jashelle » 11 Jul 2011 11:42

i'm michelle from australia, have just found this forum today and feel relieved that perhaps there is a way to control this lucid dreaming.

I have been having lucid dreams for many years (but didn't realise that is what they were) and wake up every morning exhausted as my mind never seems to rest or relax.
Most of my dreams start off pretty normal, but then they get a bit crazy and turn into a nightmare.. i did learn to control them for a while and get rid of any bad guys or situations.. but they have crept back in and now i'm having trouble getting a "happy sleep" any advice would be great...

In actual fact, sometimes i wish i wasn't a lucid dreamer... as it occurs every night and i don't feel as though i've had a deep sleep for nearly 15years.... but i'm hoping this forum will help me turn what i originally thought was a bit of a curse... into something positive...

look forward to any help and replies

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Re: aussie girl, desperate to control lucid dreams

Postby rdubya » 11 Jul 2011 15:40

Are you sure these are lucid dreams rather than vivid dreams?

There do seem to be some people appearing with this issue. I can not directly relate, but my advice would be to meditate while you are awake. This will give your mind more strength to control your dreams making it less draining for you to remove the nightmares. If you are truly lucid, you can try the spinning, closing eyes, or other techniques to give you more control. Lucid dreaming should not drain you. i know for myself and others it can be quite energizing actually.

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