Techniques for Changing Scenes

Discuss lucid dreaming techniques including dream recall, MILD, WILD, meditation and other ways of attaining lucidity in dreams.
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Re: Techniques for Changing Scenes

Postby rdubya » 11 Jul 2011 15:57

Peter, this sounds very interesting. Why did you think of the concept of energy as light? and blue?

There surely is a lot to explore with these altered states of mind. I think you are at a similar stage as me where you believe there to be realities outside of the physical and our brains, but we don't know if we can exist in them. The question is, did what you experience occur from your own lucid dream reality, or was there influence, or even existence, of another reality with this blue energy. The good news is, regardless of that answer, you know you can experience this pleasant light.

I would try to set up some sort of test prior to entering this state. Something that would let you know if you are in your own lucid dream only controlled by you, or if you are "somewhere else".

For example, when I think I have entered the astral realm that many speak of, I plan on visiting both Rebecca's home to see what is on that table, as well as another friends home. But there can be many different realms and tests we can do for ourselves. Try thinking of one for yourself, perhaps even ask the blue energy what you can do!

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Re: Techniques for Changing Scenes

Postby Peter » 11 Jul 2011 22:21

I wanted to get past performances in a LD - enactments of WR with the logic of a LD. Great fun and challenging but not the full picture to my way of thinking.
When trying for WILD there is a passive state to go through, one of non-thought and at this time pulses of light appear or flow to your awareness so I expanded on this. Also again wanted to see if I could create or contact or expose myself to some energy in a more raw form than the LD characters. Blue - why not start with the sky. Any colour will do and I will attempt more in time if I am able.

The where it all happens is so intriguing to think about. The walls of my room were what I call living colour. They were pulsing and went from dark green to a living black with some white/silver just embedded but all the time active and a pattern that was flowing and directional. There were a few other characters there as well and this is the first time ever that a dream character was more energy that vivid. Also one of these forms walked out of the room and literally went through the door. I have not observed this before. All the characters (I am trying not to use terms like “beings” etc so I don’t lead to conclusions and stay open) were in familiar forms to me so they were not the same as a LD but wouldn’t disturb.
I am not sure where we are in this state but feel that it is a sim that is real enough to make us comfortable and created by my mind or in computer terms an embedded program that is activated by some event similar to a virus that runs if and when. This still opens a lot more than it answers. Regardless I have lost all of my fears of these states and I think this will allow me to experience these many more and grow along with the experiences.
The energy appeared when it wanted to but I was able to think for it again. Not spoken request but just a thought, It has a softness to it that was special and I had no fear at all and let it just seep into me. If I can get there again I will think to it that I want to follow it somewhere or some such idea. Not sure but the thoughts will come in time.
On another note really enjoy simply being able to verbalize thoughts and appreciate the forum and thread as there is a lifetime of questions in me in this area.
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Re: Techniques for Changing Scenes

Postby rdubya » 11 Jul 2011 23:26


You definitely describe images and feelings that others who have experienced OBE have had. I can not verify for myself since I have not had a WILD yet, but others who OBE seem to have similar experiences. Thoughts are very powerful in these other realities, and I would guess, based on what you have explained, you are close to if not experiencing other realities.

I enjoy this forum and thread as well, as it is like a bunch of pioneers and explorers are trying to create the beginning maps of others who will explore the worlds beyond the physical. The explorers who sought out to prove the world was round must have still had doubts and fears, but when they hit other lands, well, those who believed the world was flat were now the fools.

Although it seems the "mapping" we are exploring now has been done for thousands of years, but has been erased from the Western culture. We are trying to find it and remap it!

Keep us posted on this, I'd like to know any techniques you have applied that may have helped you as well.

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