Change/Warp/Distort Time

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Change/Warp/Distort Time

Postby baop101 » 19 Sep 2012 10:49

I am a beginner and still in training lucid dreamer. I am wondering when i become an advanced lucid dreamer would i be able to change/warp/distort time. For Example, 1 Day in your Dream World equals 1 Hour in the Real World. Would i be able to do that, is it possible? Has anyone tried it out yet?

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Re: Change/Warp/Distort Time

Postby Psychosanity » 20 Sep 2012 14:53

I have not gotten lucid in dreams yet, but from what I've read, you won't be able to do what it sounds like you want to.

Doing things in a dream takes about as long as real-time is passing. If you dream for 45 mins of REM, then you have 45 mins in your dream. Now sometimes your SC will give you false memories, making it feel as though the dream lasted longer, but it really didn't.

For example, you may start a dream with "memory" of a whole year you've been in there...but you haven't actually dreamed that year, it just seems like you remember things. Your brain doesn't need to spend a year constructing this memory, because it can just feed you tiny bits of these "memories" as you "remember" them.

You "think back" for 5 seconds to a "year ago" and 5 seconds... you "remember" some bits and pieces that "happened a year ago"...but it didn't. Only took 5 seconds, but you FEEL as though you've been there the whole year.

Again, I'm no expert, and have no first-hand experience on this subject...this is just based on extensive reading on the subject.

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