Need help? come here!

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Need help? come here!

Postby Dream_Wolf » 13 Oct 2012 01:01

Hello! Dream_wolf here to help you all with something. When you all lucid dream, we all wanna do impossible things. But it takes practice by seting your subconscious which takes a LONG TIME. But, I can help you to make that easier. I may of never lucid dreamt before, but this is a hypothesis I had. So most teenagers and adults (and some kids like me!) try to lucid dream and they all have matured so your young days believing in pretend stuff and imaginary games/friends/ect, have gone. But I being a very crazy,hyper,and insane (what my classmates describe me as lol) 12 year old can help you XD. Firstly, you have to keep a little part of your self tht ‘immature state’. Every day, start convincing your self of the impossible and pretend they are possible! For this one, ill use flying cos every dreamer wants to do that. I always think its possible! (no in reality too, before I knew about lucid dreaming) I always run fast down and jump high and prentend to fly and trip for fun/fall and laugh, look at the sky and day dream about me soaring tru those clouds one day. Don’t be embarresed! I made my older bro do it and he enjoyed it XD lol no matter how old you are, try it! I swear, it will bring back good memories, that kid feeling. Always think that fake things exsist. (like me! I believe it everything! I even before learning about it!) make imaginary friends! Belive! JUST BELIEVE! Don’t think its stupid! Its amazing! Day dream more about those impossible things! Even all you adults! Try it! Its amazing! Think of imaginary friends up there! (for example, my all time bff in the sky are the flying pop cans.(actually the jet liners in the sky that poof out that cool clould like stuff!)) try different things for different ideas! (for example, braking the forth wall, using that power you have, ect) lol) use your imagination! Reopen tht wild imagination of yours! Just try! now before i go, ask something you need help with. i will reply to all of your questions!

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Re: Need help? come here!

Postby dreamerinmiami » 13 Oct 2012 04:04

you are very smart and have done research i see :) ... i have read that somewhere. so now and then ill pretend my hand can go through walls or that im flying or can go through a mirror. all this does help
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