Making A Particular Person be there

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Making A Particular Person be there

Postby SaraM2261 » 11 Jul 2011 19:06

What techniques, or what has worked for you guys when trying to make a certain person be in your dream?

I am trying to get a particular person to be in my dream with me, and some times I can get him there, but so far just as a background character.

I read another person's post about Johnny Depp and she went outside and called his name. I tried that one, but it didn't work. Although it was fun to be lucid for a bit!

I my MILD techniques I am intending more interaction with this person. But that's as far as I have gotten.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: Making A Particular Person be there

Postby rdubya » 11 Jul 2011 23:18

Last night I demanded my higher self personify itself. What I got was Carl Sagan, and then he jumped into my chest... was quite weird, and I don't think it was my higher self as I felt odd when it entered me, not happy.

Anyway, i think getting a body figure of someone is much like learning to fly or go through a wall. Once you learn to do it, you can do it. Demand this person next time, and that you want your subconcious to create the image. Perhaps try using the ground around you to start "sculpting" this person. I find that when your subconcious doesn't listen and you try to find another way, it will listen next time.

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Re: Making A Particular Person be there

Postby maya » 18 Jul 2011 16:08

I've struggled with this technique too. I often get the urge to make a good looking guy appear. The sculpting method worked only once for me and I wasn't even lucid.

I've heard a good trick is to call out to them as though they are just in the next room, or just around the corner. Feel their presence there, maybe call out again and go see them.
The result may not always be right, but there's a good chance you can meet them if your subconscious agrees with the interaction.

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Re: Making A Particular Person be there

Postby tjippen » 09 Aug 2011 23:03

I made Stellan Skarsgård turn into my friend once, i was half lucid when i faced an evil version of stellan skarsgård, thats the actor who plays will turners dad in Pirates of the caribbean.

This is where i realized i was dreaming.

Anyhow i felt that i had to change a person into my friend instead of just making him pop up somewhere, so try to just use anyone in your surrounding and just force the person you chose to morph into the person that you wish to appear

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Re: Making A Particular Person be there

Postby fineganswaker » 11 Aug 2011 21:52

I've had both failures and successes with this, but in a recent LD I took Robert Waggoner's advice and asked the dream itself if I could get a particular person to appear.

The results were pretty startling: one dream figure began rapidly shifting (like that "scramble suit" in the movie Scanner Darkly) and finally settled on something very close to the person I was thinking of. It still wasn't quite right, though, so I started complaining to this (new) dream figure that certain details still weren't quite there.

The dream figure, oddly enough, responded to my complaints by looking at me very beseechingly and said with its eyes "Don't you recognize me?" And there was a little bit of attitude mixed in as well. As if it was saying "Hey, what am I--chopped liver!?".

So I actually apologized about being so particular. We ended up having a pretty interesting talk--except the conversation was a little hard to follow, since this dream character was talking in what sounded like twenty voices at once. The experience was more like listening to music. It made me wish there was some kind of "dream tape recorder" so I could review what it'd said at some later time. The figure was giving out so much information...

Has anybody else tried this "ask the dream" technique?

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Re: Making A Particular Person be there

Postby worldenterer » 12 Aug 2011 02:39

I have tried to make people appear who are injured, in my dreams as well so that I could attempt to practice medical skills. I tried closing my eyes and then saying that this person will be there when I open them but that did not work.
P.S. Do not try medical experiments on real people.

P.S.S. I might even try to genetically alter a person in a dream to make them into a zombie... :lol:
It needs to be about 20% cooler.

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Re: Making A Particular Person be there

Postby DAZ_XT950 » 21 Aug 2011 01:47

I thought of something for this. In your dream, get your phone and send the person a text or phone them and arrange a place to meet and see if they appear. Now that would be a good way to make someone appear. (If they aren't in your phone or whatever, just write a letter and post it)

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Re: Making A Particular Person be there

Postby lawilahd » 21 Aug 2011 10:02

I have found that even in non-lucid dreams, when I look for someone and ask around for them in a dream, they usually randomly appear out of no where.

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Re: Making A Particular Person be there

Postby rdubya » 22 Aug 2011 21:46

Getting rid of people can also be a challenge ;)

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Re: Making A Particular Person be there

Postby livierae12 » 25 Oct 2011 02:53

ok, so i also have problems with this. usually i call out for someone to come, or walk into a room or place and ask for them, or imagine them there. but then, when i see them they dont looke like them, a little ugly, not even the person, or look like a mix of two people. this really bugs me because i like to enjoy my LD with people, and have fun with them. and when i mess up on people i usually yell and get very angry and eathier wake myself, scare any people away, or end up forgetting i was dreaming. but what usually helps is to first sit down and just get yourself as much into detail and practise with your surrondings befor you think about people. :!:
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