I am stuck.

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I am stuck.

Postby guusta » 21 Oct 2012 17:48

I have a some questions about WILD lucid dreams. I have had many brief MILD lucid dreams (I remain calm, but they are still like 5-45sec long). I have had 3ish WILD dreams, but they last even shorter and that is my problem. (I have had dreams where I realized I was dreaming kind of wake up, then enter "the dream world" from waking state, so maybe thats WILD too) ok but This is usually how it happens. I wake up in the middle of the night with an alarm (usually set after 2 to 4 sleep cycles) then I lay there it is usually pretty easy after about 25 min maybe i start to kind of dream a little bit and when I don't focus little dream plots unravel, until the point where what I believe 'Sleep paralysis' happens (this is what i like to think of as the portal to entering the dream world) when this happens my body goes through intense vibrations where its like a earthquake like vibrations in my body and ringing noise in my ears (like when you talk on a microphone to loudly and it picks up its own sound and creates that ring that slowly gets louder). The first time was really scary, but i think it is kind of fun now. so after this happens my body is totally numb and i feel like statue made of stone. This is where I am stuck. Aren't these suppose to be the most intense way to lucid dream? After SP my dreams aren't that cool. Like one time I slowly opened my dream eyes and i saw my room but I didn't have a ceiling and I could see all the stars of the night sky, but after like 10 sec I opened my real eyes and everything was...real again. Other times I will enter SP and then just lay there. I will focus on the back of my eye lids and only see black, then I'll try and visualize something, but won't be able to (in SP i have a harder time concentrating) eventually I will get bored (around 15 min) and give opening my dream eyes a shot, and it won't work. I also DC at this point. Because of the DC i moved breaking sleep paralysis and I usually go back to bed.

So does it sound like I am even achieving Sleep paralysis? Also, once I hit Sleep Paralysis and don't start my dream right away, am I just going to have to go back to bed and start all over again? because I usually either start my lucid dream right after SP or wait 15 min and it never works. also should i just wait longer in SP, idk i need help.

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