Guess what! read plz! (or if u want to but plz!)

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Guess what! read plz! (or if u want to but plz!)

Postby Dream_Wolf » 28 Oct 2012 20:12

lol guess what! mah first lucid dream! (kinda) lol today i managed to go to sleep by listing impossible things, mantras like "i'll know when im in my dream",ect so (my dream was made by donig a DILD(i think))lol i was running away from a Smartboard bomb (dont ask X'D) and my dreams sometimes snap me into lucidity when im about to die,ect, so it happended last night but this time, i know about lucid dreaming so i just kept running cos i didnt wanna get bombed loool so i was running and told my self im lucid im dreamnig ( i dont think the bomb expoded tho XD). so i was running and a random female dream character told me to sit down so i did on the ground(btw this was in my "strange" neighborhood at night) she sat on my lap and they laughed at me (her group of friends were siting in chairs around a table ( they laughed probably thay saw my O.o expression XD lol) so the next thing i know i am dreaming and snap into lucidity again and i am in a bit of a "creepy" wipeout zone. (kinda lol) i am standing on a random platform with other DC's and i was working on making the fuzzy and blurry world a bit more useable so i was rubbing my hands together, i felt a bit of friction and i yelled "clarity now" (lol my dream characters were watching me as if i were crazy) it worked a bit so i did it again but my dream vanished. i was there again and this time i did everything i did last time exept teh clarity now and i also went to examine my hands but it just screwd up my vision and when i put them down, it was normal. last thing that happened was that i looked into the sky but instaid i was in my bedroom but the ceiling was higher, i was on my top bunk and the walls were just an infinite strech. i wanted to fly so i asked for a portal and nothing happeed so then i jumped up but i came back down like normal in reality and i was bored so some how i think i was only semi-concious so i went to sleep in my dream bed and i woke up XD (Lol i was like partially lucid XD) ( and COME ON it toke me 3-4 months to get my first lucid dream and instead i go to sleep?! lol im just crazy XDDD) so i wanna ask, how do you make the place not a fuzzy and blurry place? and how do you awaken your awarness to high lucidity/fully lucid and how to awaken your logic/awarness a bit more? lol i was just stuck in some semi awake realm for teh whole time XD doing nothing XD
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