Fast Track To Lucid Dreaming Question

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Fast Track To Lucid Dreaming Question

Postby emeraldyeslter » 10 Nov 2012 21:33

This question is directed towards Mrs. Turner but any of you who have an advice or ideas or anything
can answer it too. Thanks...
My name is Kelsey Day Marlett, and I took your Free E-Course on Lucid Dreaming.
I've been trying really hard to do it, but still haven't lucid dreamed. I used to be
tormented by nightmares but since I've started, they've left. I'm a young author
and love your programs.
I am writing a book about a girl with the spectacular ability to lucid dream without
any formal knowledge or experience. When I write, I try to use as much experience from
my own life as I possibly can, and your course really has helped me. What I'm interested
in now is your fast track for lucid dreaming course.
It looks great! I've read a lot of excellent reviews for this course, and I'm thrilled at the prospect
of trying it. The problem is . . . I'm only thirteen. I ... don't have enough money to buy the
fast track. So what I'm suggesting is this: If I were to acknowledge and possibly advertise for you
in my book, which, by the way, will be called Riptide, is there any way you could consider giving
me some kind of discount on your fast track program? I'm the author of Pintus, which is being sold
on Amazon and is extremely popular in my hometown. It was given excellent reviews by the author
Kya Aliana, award winning Hugh Howey, and award winning Edith M. Hemingway. I have a website,
Please consider my request. I would so much appreciate an opportunity to learn more about myself
and more about my character through Lucid Dreaming. Please reply when you can.
Thank You,
Kelsey Day Marlett

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