Cannot stay in a dream for long.

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Cannot stay in a dream for long.

Postby scorpia13 » 15 Nov 2012 06:53

Hi guys!
I'm just starting out with lucid dreaming - been reading quite a lot of articles and information, and decided I will join the forum to really learn how to be lucid.
So, I've somewhat mastered the WILD technique and I manage to get into the dream no problem at all. But, when in the dream, I open my eyes (still lying in bed), do a reality check (I am completely calm and relaxed. Not getting too excited). The problem is that I can only move my arms. I've been in a lucid dream 4 or 5 times before, and every time I try to move my body or get up to go somewhere, I keep waking up and getting back into reality.
Any tips, suggestions?
Thank you in advance!

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Re: Cannot stay in a dream for long.

Postby dreamerinmiami » 15 Nov 2012 21:26

you have probably read this before but rubbing your hands or spinning with your eyes open and saying that this is a dream will greatly help from waking up.
What is your definition of reality?

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