Running though a forest

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Running though a forest

Postby ShadowTheif14 » 19 Nov 2012 04:36

This dream happened years ago, but I still remember it clearly. The dream was in 1st person, and I was being chased. I don't know by what or by who, I never looked back. I was running off the beaten path, but my path was still clear of obstructions except for maybe one or two twigs from the trees. The canopy above me was really high and it was about midday. After running for a while I come to a cliff, well more of a canyon, and I see a shadowy figure of a man on the other side. I call out 'Hey' to him a couple times. I can see a bridge about a couple feet away from me. I don't use the bridge I hardly even look at it. The man walks away deeper into the forest. I turn around the feeling that I'm still being chased is still here, but the pursurer is no where to be seen. And that's when I woke up.
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