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Postby Jenn0607 » 26 Nov 2012 21:19

Ok this wouldn't be so bad if this was a one time thing, but this is getting anoying. So basicly, after 1 day of working on my dream recall, I was all: oh ya I'm ready bring on the MILD! Of course, I was just hyper. I need to work waayyy more on my recall first. But anyway, ever since the night I tried doing the mild, ive had trouble sleeping. Usaly I'm down pretty quick, but yesterday I accully had to take sleep medicine so get to sleep and still went to bed around 12am. How am I suppost to work on dream recall when I can't sleep to dream them?! (Or you know, only dream like once a night, which stinks) So basicly, I need help in realizing what happened to where I can't sleep, and how to fix it. And please no comments going: Ha idiot you don't do the mild after just one day! How stupid can you get?! Thanks <3
Finaly what Iv'e been looking for. A place where anythings possable.

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Re: Help!!!!

Postby Shade » 28 Nov 2012 04:34

You need to spend more time working on recall. No technique will work until around 2 dreams a night are remembered :) Maybe stop trying so hard as it can keep you awake, use a mantra or something

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