awareness of the "other world"

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awareness of the "other world"

Postby lumencryster » 03 Dec 2012 22:35

so when i do reality checks, what i normally do is reason through why i am in a dream or not. but i feel like this still might not be the best way to do a reality check because i seemed to be able to convince myself i'm in a dream anyway. so anyway i had another idea that i'm going to start trying. instead of reasoning whether i'm in a dream or not, what i am going to start doing is just simply try to make myself aware of the other world. what i mean by this is if i'm awake, i'm going to try to increase my awareness that there is a dream world(i'll be meditating about dreaming). so if i'm asleep, i'll either increase my awareness of the dream, which will help me to become lucid, or increase my awareness of the waking world, which will help me become lucid. anyway i thought i'd share my idea to see if anybody else wants to try it and share how it goes. i know it doesn't exactly replace a reality check and i'm not really sure this qualifies as a reality check, but the concept is similar.

TL;DR changing my idea of a reality check to trying to increase my awareness of the fact that there's a dream world and a waking world through meditation.

PS: i really like the idea of meditation. the idea that we can utilize our brain in extraordinary ways through it. so i tend to lean towards meditation to figure my problems out, mostly because i just love it. please share your opinions, i crave them :)

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