Beginner Questions Welcome!

If you're new to lucid dreaming, browse this forum for answers to your questions, or post and ask for specific tips on getting started.
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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby proprofound16 » 05 Dec 2012 04:08

I am really attracted to the aspect of lucid dreaming because of how vivid these dreams are supposed to be. I have never had very vivid dreams. Like, at all. I'm 16, and all of my dreams seem to be so random and not clear at all. The weird thing is, I am not able to see in my dreams very well. It feels like there is a film over the dream that often makes it where I have a hard time understanding whats going on. I just made a dream journal, and I am trying to commit to this (I have done 4 or 5 reality checks today, and I need to get better, I know.) I made a dream journal yesterday, but this morning, my dream was so vague that I didn't know what to write. Something about the state of Idaho? idk. Areal view. Something to do with a white mazda suv? I just get these flashes of clarity. Granted, I am in high school, going to sleep at 10 and waking at seven, but it seems like my dreams should be clearer than they are. Other things it could have to do with are that I am really adhd, and take amphetamines for it.

A couple months ago I tried to get into this, and my first night I was semi lucid (asked am i dreaming in the middle of it). I was staring into a mirror, looking at my teeth. They were made of thin glass, and were breaking. I pulled out many of my teeth, and the rest were jagged and mutilated. It was the most clear dream I have ever had, but it still was really unclear. At least it kinda made sense. 99.99% of my dreams are just vague concepts where i cant even see. Please help me out.

artavis durden
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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby artavis durden » 07 Dec 2012 03:50

Hi to all.......Back in September i said i was taking a break from lding cause of a messed up sleep schedule.....Well now its better but nowhere near sleeping all the way through the night....ill usually wake in the middle of the nite and be asleep again in the next hour.....So starting on December 7, 2012 i will start practing Dream Chaining once or twice a week......Im determined to lucid dream, i have a 2 year plan to master DEILD......I also mostly want to ld cause i want to solve difficult waking life problems and get insight on future events.......Wish me luck!!! :D :mrgreen:

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Mrs. Hiddleston
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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby Mrs. Hiddleston » 20 Dec 2012 05:09

Why, hai there. ^-^
I have a few questions.
• One time, I had to wake up for school but was so tired that I fell asleep again, listening to music. Usually, I make up little mind scenarios, or as I call them, ‘mind music-videos,’ and I dozed into a light sleep. I began dreaming! I could still hear the song that was playing, but I had my ‘dream-body’ and was actually playing out the mind music-video I had created for the song! Was that a type of lucid dream?
• If I get a little more advanced and begin Lucid Dreaming more and more, will I be able to do things that I've imagined I could do? Like, I want to save the Earth with the Avengers and fight Loki. (Possibly become his slave.(; ) Shapeshift into other animals or even conjure up animals or things like dragons and such. Fly with Iron Man, fight on dragons, become the Queen of my own Kingdom with pet dragons and such?
• Can I make myself have my dream body and looks? I've always had this VERY vivid image of me being a standard sized girl with beautiful wavy, mid-back length hair, lythe and perfect figure, stunning crystal blue eyes and the looks not one man could ignore. I know it sounds a bit conceded, but being that not one guy has ever had a crush on me, a girl can dream, can't she? ^-^
• Can I bring my celebrity crush voluntarily into my dream? I want to talk to Mr. Tom Hiddleston, and pour out all my feelings to him, so I know that I have someone to talk to?

I may have a few more questions later, but for now that's all. XD

~Mrs. Hiddleston
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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby ThrushPie » 26 Dec 2012 20:09

Hello, being new to lucid dreaming, like many other people, I have a few questions about this. My biggest problem so far would have to be Dream Recall. The reality checks, along with visualization come pretty easy, but I can never seem to remember my dreams. I sleep around 10:00 and wake up whenever my body tell me to wake up. All I usually remember in the morning is the darkness in my eyelids and a faint memory of the last event of the dream. I've tried waking up a bit earlier, but the same thing happens. Is there any other way to make them more memorable, so I can properly record them?

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Re: can lucid dreams help you to enter to other peoples drea

Postby angelina408 » 28 Dec 2012 22:28

Rene Dumit wrote:I always wondered if there was a way to control people in some aspect and by seeing that you can control your in a lucid dream maybe you could help other people having grab dreams by entering in their own also I wonder if you can share a lucid dream with another person meaning that we both dream the same dream and we both remember it when we woke up and also is could lucid dreams help you plan an idea to another person meaning convincing people to do something in real life by their dreams

Me: Actually, it is quite possible to share a dream with another person, by, of course, having the same day routine and thinking everything the same and all that. But if you want to ENTER their dream... well, that is IMPOSSIBLE. It is like asking how to mind read. Your own mind is your OWN MIND, not anyone else's mind.

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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby Summerlander » 29 Dec 2012 00:35

I also think what you propose is very likely to be the case, Angelina. I am yet to see proper evidence for the sharing of dreams or even entering somebody else's mind realm via lucid dreaming. I've seemingly shared a couple of dreams with my wife and used lucid dreaming to visit a friend of mine. Intriguingly, he confirmed that some of what I perceived appeared to be on his mind at the time. But I' ve had misses. Also, I know my friend, my subconscious mind has more potential than me in making associations and even guessing and I spend alot of time with my wife so we are exposed to the same things. Then there's coincidence. I'd say it would be weird if these experiences never happened given the fact that seven billion of us have remembered dreams over many many years in a lifetime...

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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby wahba » 30 Dec 2012 13:29

i feel cold , and i see lights , blue and a purple spot sometimes, my arms go up and i feel i am about to go out of ,my body !!
I try to convince my self that I am dreaming , I get better and i need help to be better faster,
I feel things in reality that are not good , I feel I am dissy and about to vomit (sorry about this but it is annoying me enough) , i some times do things faster, and i feel that every thing happening around me is slower than my reactions , I feel calm and light weighed and exhausted , Its good and bad , I feel wierd
what to do ?

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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby Hardy » 02 Jan 2013 02:23

first thank you for this awesome site ...

now .. my question is ..

am trying to have a lucid dreaming from about 5 month ago ..

but I have done just 4 times :(

last time I'm was driving a big jeep car :D

so ... am I mastered the lucid dreaming ??

and my big question is what should I do when I'm in the bed... I'm always forget or didnt understand ..

so any help plz ?

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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby Spacejulia » 03 Jan 2013 16:25

So I just want to tell about this.

I started trying to achieve lucid dreams about 6 days ago, and I subscribed to the online e-course that gives you things to work on every other day. So the first day I was starting my dream journal, but I didn't remember my dreams.

But the day before yesterday, I had the most strange yet realistic dream. I have never dreamt in such clarity before, and I remember the tiny details like the pattern of the carpet, the pattern on the socks, how the light was, the pattern on the sheets in my dream, how things started to change form - I woke up and remembered every single detail of my dream. And that has never happened before!

Then I started looking for dream-signs, and finding my dream signs was extremly easy, because that thought has crossed my mind before. In about 85% of my dreams, it's very dark. Not like night dark, but the mood it self. And in my dreams I am aslo very confused. I also have to mention I have a lot of sleep paralasyses. So yesterday - the night that just was - I woke up and had a sleep paralasys. But since I have a lot of these, I don't panic, but I usually tend to try to snap out of it. But this time, I didn't care, and simply just went back to sleep. Because I remember that I was dreaming when that sleep paralasys happened, and when I fell asleep again... I think I'm really close to having a real lucid dream.

Because what happened was that when I fell asleep again, I was in a huge room. The room was completly empty, it was just me, and it was completly dark, but I still could see my sorroundings. Then I started feeling dizzy and confused and I leaned my self against the wall, and I actually jumped a bit away from it, because keep in mind - I am very confused in my dreams, and this just confused me even more. But when I was leaning against the wall, I actually FELT the wall. And since I got confused I took my hand to my head and said "What's going on?" and I could feel myself touching my head. And then I remembered - Reality checks. So I looked at my hand and drew a V on it. V for våken (norwegian - on english A for awake). And when I did that I could still feel myself doing it, but it did not feel like it would when I'm awake. So then it occured to me - I am dreaming! But I was very confused, but I shouted several times out "Light!" because it was dark. When I had shouted it a couple of times, it came up a window without glass and the moonlight came in. Then I saw it was an enormous hallway, but the light didn't reach there. I knew something in the dark was coming towards me, but I moved a bit away from the wall and did "V for våken" again. I started to get scared, because I was aware that I was dreaming, I just didn't have any controll. So when I looked at the dark hallway again, I saw a little girl coming towards me, and she was wearing a red dress. My fear had been building up for some time, and I just couldn't handle it, so I screamed to myself "Våkne!" (-wake up), so I did.

My question is - how can I handle this without being scared, and then having myself wake up? Or is it okay to be scared, but should I atleast the first times just deal with it and see what happens? Will I become more lucid, and how long did it take before you started to have controll? Because I really want to achieve lucid dreams, I'm just worried that I'll be too scared to do so.

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Re: Beginner Questions Welcome!

Postby clown » 08 Jan 2013 08:43

Hi all. I'm new here and wanted to learn how to lucid dream. I recently started trying to learn lucid dreaming a few days ago, and would like to know what I should do to kick start the practice or to work towards my first lucid dream. I've read a lot on lucid dreaming and started reality checks and writing a dream journal about 3 days ago. I need help on what I should do during my sleep to get my first lucid dream or what I should feel during the process of initiating lucid dreaming.

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