what happens to our dreams when we wake up

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what happens to our dreams when we wake up

Postby 100%bobby » 09 Dec 2012 02:27

when we dream we create whole worlds the people we see in dreams are real people we have seen somewhere in our life but we give them personalty's and purpose in our dreams if you fall in love in your dreams and something bad happens to the person you fell in love with you hurt even when you wake up. when we wake up does everyone and everything in our dreams disapear forever do they no longer excist or could they excist in some alternate dimension. what are you're thoughts on this

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Re: what happens to our dreams when we wake up

Postby torakrubik » 09 Dec 2012 23:42

Good question. I'm of the opinion that our dreams exist permanently in an alternate dimension. This existence is subject to how we experience the dreamworld.
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Re: what happens to our dreams when we wake up

Postby Peter » 10 Dec 2012 08:15

And I think they are sims created in our heads with internal and external impute but exist as long as we dream them. this does not make them any less real as they create memories
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Re: what happens to our dreams when we wake up

Postby Summerlander » 11 Dec 2012 20:09

I agree with Peter. Dreams exist only in our heads. One might argue that perception of the waking world also happens in our heads - sure, that part is subjective like a dream - but in wakefulness, perception is largely dictated by our sensory organs and these are being sensitive to a world that exists objectively. The same cannot be said for dreams if one subscribes to physicalism.

If you adhere to vitalism, however, you might argue that dreams are evidence of a plane of existence beyond matter which consciousness will inhabit in the afterlife. Indeed, believers of this notion often interpret WILDs (particularly those where the getting out-of-body method is involved) as astral projection.

The notion of visiting astral planes during dream consciousness holds no water, though. The simple fact that anything can happen in a lucid dream can rule out the validity in the notion that what is experienced during lucid sleep is real. It may feel real (if we take real to mean objectively existing) in every way, but the dream world's emulation of the real world is no proof when we consider that the brain is quite capable of creating reality models.

Theories on the nature of dreams aside, they can still be useful and insightful. When it comes to lucid dreaming, rather than rattling your brain over whether or not you travel to another plane of existence, why not focus on its practical ends...

Lucid dreamers can use the heightened placebo effect in dreamland to assist and speed up healing; facing fears is a psychological boon that helps with self-integration and therapy; contacting deceased loved ones can help with grieving regardless of whether you think they are real or simulated; in the dream world you can eat as much as you want and use this as a psychological advantage to help with dieting; one can learn new skills and hone existent ones which can help with confidence and adroitness; access the subconscious mind reservoir for information and problem-solving; visit exotic places and other worlds and have adventures for escapism and entertainment; you can ask the lucid dream world to generate new ideas at your request for artistic purposes or creativity in general etc etc.
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Re: what happens to our dreams when we wake up

Postby lucidinthe sky » 16 Dec 2012 21:03

I think in one sense, dreams are as real as waking life because we have to "create" both realities inside of ourselves. Waking life is "collective reality" because we share it with others and dreams are "individual reality". Maybe dreams are something more, I don't know.
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