Becoming active in dreams

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Becoming active in dreams

Postby Alexd333 » 20 Dec 2012 00:07

Hi all,

So i've been following the steps i've been given and obviously reading alot on the forum.

Its only my 4th night, and i'm already remembering my dreams pretty well, I am using a dream journal and the dreams are pretty wacky :lol: (cheese to blame for that)

I decided last night to sleep at 10pm, get up at 3.30am and stay awake for 30 mins, then go back to sleep. worked a treat, went right into a deep dream, i remember most of it too and all is written down. Only thing I cant do yet is tell myself I am dreaming and become lucid, I know its early days yet :D

Just wondered if there are any tips for telling myself mid dream I AM DREAMING!!!

I have been doing the reality checks during work and home (asking myself + sometimes outloud too)
am I dreaming? check front and back of hands and inspect them in detail.

Seems like my dream triggers might be my work collegues.... :? they are in all of my dreams!!!
oh dear :lol:

Any suggestions taken on board. Anyway im off to sleep, just going to try and have a normal night.
For a dreamer, night's the only time of day.

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