my first trys

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Andy Sky
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my first trys

Postby Andy Sky » 02 Jan 2013 16:29

Hey im new at all this, i had my first attempt last night to lucid dream. it had been a while since i could even remember what i dreamt. i kinda used the WIND and MILD combined i guess, also at first when i layed down to sleep a used some binaural beats with a little induced lucid dreaming. i fell asleep and woke up with nothing. i went to sleep again without the binaural beats and woke up and remembered what a short dream, i went to sleep again trying to go into a kind of meditation where i was aware a wanted to lucid dream. this morning i had remembered 4 different short dreams, i guess its a good start but none were lucid and all of them were kind of blury. is there any tip to getting closer to lucid dreaming or should i just keep going like this? i also did reality checks every time i woke up.

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Re: my first trys

Postby erichsa » 02 Jan 2013 18:16

Good for first try. Rome was not build in one day,keep your dream journal,read a lot and with time you will advance. Also our forums are great. I learned a lot by reading questions, and answers :)

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