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Postby adrianne » 13 Jan 2013 04:09

i'm Adrianne and i am turning 15 this year :)
i have obsessed over lucid dreaming foreeevveerr and reallyreallyreally want to be able to do it but i never have done it.. properly? apart from when i was little and it was like my bedtime playground :lol:

actually, a few times i think i've lucid dreamed briefly - i remember thinking 'oh wow i'm dreaming!' feeling excited, and a... WHOOOSH where every thing around me just zoomed into foucus. then i remember thinking 'no don't get excited it'll end! D:' but it didn't, and i thought i was still lucid dreaming, but when i woke up i realised i wasn't actually lucid - i didn't have control over what was happening, i was basically dreaming that i was lucid dreaming.

that's happened a few times, and its super frustrating! i'm having dreams that i'm lucid dreaming, but i'm really not - the last one was recently and it was long and vivid but not vivid like i've heard lucid dreams are. just a really good dream. i thought maybe i was lucid in these types of dreams, but i lose lucidity quickly, but don't realise that i've lost it? idk haaha :) thoughts? xxxxxxxx

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Re: helloooo!

Postby adrianne » 13 Jan 2013 10:30

ty for all the replies much appreciated

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Re: helloooo!

Postby KungFuPanther » 16 Jan 2013 21:27

Hi Adrianne, I'm turning 15 this year too! :D I haven't lucid dreamed yet, but perhaps I could help you.

In your dream, you were lucid, knowing that you were dreaming, that's what lucid dreaming means. The only thing you were missing was control in your dream. I have done a lot of research on this topic, and I've found that sometimes you don't have control in your dreams. Sometimes by imagining that you're rubbing your hands together the clarity of the dream will increase and your control of the dream will increase.

If you want to fly in your dreams, don't try flying right away, try jumping with a little less gravity then usual, then work your way up into flying : )

I hope I helped and don't get discouraged when people don't respond right away. There's always someone out there that wants to help. ;)
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