Pulled out of my dream into another one

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Pulled out of my dream into another one

Postby Pihbell » 17 Jan 2013 14:52

Hi there, I'm a newbye on this forum and I need some help trying to understand my latest dream.

I was having a normal dream, I was with some guys, supposedly friends, going up the street that leads to my house. In the middle of the street there was a street party going on prepared by some of the neighbours. We all stopped on the sidewalk on the otherside of the street and stood there watching and laughing. It was a sunny afternoon and I was felling good. Suddenly I felt like I was being pulled on my back but not by a hand but all of my body being draged. Right behing me there were stairs going down, a lot of stairs, I couldn't even see where they ended. I fell down the stairs, and started to think that I was going to die from that never ending fall.
I hit something and only then I openned my eyes, I was strugling to release myself as if I were inside a bag and was trying to open it and get out of it. When I managed to do so I notived these were curtains and that I was standing on a hallway, a dark one, with lots of closed black doors - I started to think that maybe I was in a hotel? -. Behind the curtains there was a wall, not a door or window to go back. I started walking down the hall and noticed that one of the doors wasn't black but red. I oppened it - strangly enough I didn't feel curios about openning the other black doors - and walked in. I was in a dark room, the lights were out but I had a felling that the room was full of books, small things spread around, big curtains, wall paper, heavy rugs, bookshelfs, etc... There was a huge bed in the middle and in front of it a small sofa. I didn't think it was strange the fact that I knew how the room was altought there was no light. What got my attention was the big openned window right next to the sofa and that outside it was snowing, the sky and the floor were white, it was even snowing inside the room but it wasn't cold. There was a man on the sofa, I couldn't see his face and started to get scared thinking of were the hell was I and who was that man. I didn't say a word but he started telling me that I didn't have to be afraid, he apologized for "kidnapping"me from my dream - that made me laugh I don't know why - and asked me to sit down on the bed. I do know that we spoke for what it felt like hours but I can't remember the conversation topic or topics. I do remeber the end of that dream. He told me that I had to leave the room and go back, that he almost waking up and that he tought that he had more time - that didn't make a lot of since to me - He didn't move and I didn't want to go back. So once again, without him moving, I felt pulled out of the room, back into the hallway, up the stairs, into my original dream. I was again on the way to my house, it was sunny and bright, the party was still going on, everything was as it was when I left ....

So I need help trying to understand if this is just a dream or if someone or something are trying to tell me something... I have no idea of what to take from this dream but I do appreciate your opinions!

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