SPILD: Sleep paralysis induced lucid dream

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SPILD: Sleep paralysis induced lucid dream

Postby lodestar » 19 Jan 2013 15:47

This happened to me this morning and I was curious to know if anyone else had already experienced a LD starting this way. (I’ve never read something related to this)

When I WILDed for the first time, I discovered what sleep paralysis feels like (the numbness and that strange feeling in my chest).

This morning, I had a false awakening that looked totally like a real one. But I instantly noticed I was dreaming because I had that feeling in my chest. I did not even do a RC to ensure I was effectively dreaming. It was too evident.

In the dream, I had difficulty to move and my movements were slow. I was in my bed, not able to control the scene, but consciously reacting to what my subconscious was throwing at me. For example, at some point I had an empty juice bottle in one hand. I didn’t know what to do with it. “Hey, I’m dreaming, I can do whatever pleases me with it”. So I threw it in the air and never heard about it again. (Unfortunately, I didn’t think about refilling it.)

I also had to rub my hands together really frequently (maybe once each 20 seconds or so, when my hands were beginning to be transparent and the scene fuzzy) to keep the dream going. It lasted for about 2 minutes, which is my high score.

The dream really felt like my subconcious was testing me, giving me objects to see if I would try something special with them that would not be possible (or sensible) in waking life.

All comments would be much appreciated :)

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