A different mother?

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A different mother?

Postby bcamargo0296 » 21 Jan 2013 16:39

It's been quite a while since I last had such a vivid non-lucid dream. The dream starts with me getting out of a bathroom in a country house. I walk a few steps forward and I find (what appears to be) a wolf pendant on a wooden table. I grab it and I start looking at it. Its pupil dilates when I look directly at it (like it's alive). At that moment I start feeling peace and fear at the same time (perhaps something like death?). Then I leave it on the wooden table. I look to the left and I see a big broken wall. A lamp is on at the top of it. I keep walking forward and I find myself in my schools cafeteria/yard. There's no one there but me and my mother. But the lady who is my mother in this dream is not my real mother. She's really beautiful, is around 40~50 years old, has a straight black hair and clear blue eyes. I stare at her for a moment and all of a sudden it starts to snow. The snowflakes looks like the ones we see on cartoons. I go to her, hug her and say that I love her (and I really did, even though I didn't know her). She says that she loves me too, walks away and then I wake up.

I have no idea on how I'm supposed interpret this.

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