Share your 1st LD here! :D

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby Mathpro » 09 Dec 2012 20:43

I don't remember my first LD because when I was like 5-6 years old I had lots of lucid dreams. The problem is I never knew I can control them so every time I had LD I tried to wake up. :?
Now I have lucid dreams much rarely. And after I found out there are techniques to LD I hope my Lds will become much more often.

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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby AaronB_96 » 17 Dec 2012 15:10

The first LD I had was today!! :D I'v known about LD but only recently got really interested!!

I've been trying since Dec 12, not even a week.So I was searching the web all morning about LD. This afternoon I laid down for a nap, it was 1:00. I was attempting WILD when I fell asleep, I had a dream can't really remember what is was about, it was short though. Then I woke up and fell back to sleep. This time I dreamt about me and the fam going to our old house, and there was a huge gaping hole in the wall on the second floor, then all of a sudden we were at an in door amusement park, and I was at the very top of the ferris wheel frame( my belly was jumping) I'm not even sure how I got up there. Next thing I know I'm sitting in one of the seats, and I'ma guy with carrot orange hair. Once I get to the bottom and off the ride I'm me again. After riding a couple more things I wake up(FA)

My sis who I share a room with is talking to me about something, and I'm laying there not able to move. When all of a sudden I hear this vibrating ringing([i] I can't even really describe what it sounded like, almost like someone drilling right next to your ear but far worse) and it keeps getting louder and louder, so loud my teeth start hurting( not a nice feeling at all). My hearts beating like crazy, and I'm actually pretty scared. ( cause I'm like what the 'heck' is happenin)

I can move again and roll out of bed, kicking and writhing on the floor in pain. M is looking at me like I'm crazy, then I grab a pen and paper and start writing down fractions, and they all have the no.8 as the numerator. 8/15, 8 over 1/3h, etc. Then I'm back in my bed, the sound is still there, not painful anymore just really annoying. I suddenly feel like I'm being pulled out of my body, and then it hits me(reality check), so I try to look around my room to see if anything is out of place, but I can't move my head(it's like stuck and turns reeeeeeaaallly slowly.) I can make out everything from the corner of my eye, but when I look at it, everything turns black with whitish moving swirls everywhere. Then I feel myself leave my body and I'm floating over my bed, and that's when it finally kicks in, and I'm jumping around in the air, beyond excited.and I'm screaming"I'm dreaming I'm dreaming" and I'm like quick quick think of somewhere to go "grassy field grassy field" my exact thoughts.

Then I'm there, everythings blured out, and I can't even remember to stay calm, or increase clarity, rub my hands or any of that. I'm just trying to do so much at once. The grass is starting to become clearer, the sky to. I can feel a hint of the sun on my back.

Then I'm sitting bolt up right in bed, and I'm looking for a pen to jot all this stuff down.

I'm so excited happy, I had my first LD that I can remember!!! :D :D 8-) :!: :D
Can't wait to have my second( this time I'll actually try to remember to stay calm!)

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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby Summerlander » 20 Dec 2012 20:13

I was having false awakenings and out-of-bodies from the age of four. But my first experience after officially starting my practice was about five years ago. I had the experience of floating out of body and visiting my neighbour's (full version published in Michael Raduga's School of Out-of-Body Travel.

Later, I had a succession of many lucid dreams. One that springs to mind was outside a supermarket. I saw actor David Shwimmer signing autographs and making people laugh. Someone was with me and we were talking about how funny he was, a hero of comedy. Suddenly he was dressed as Superman and started flying. I followed jim and started flying too. I became lucid but found the flight difficult.

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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby johnf10city » 21 Dec 2012 01:05


Okay, so I was at this ice cream place right? So I open the door to leave and I'm on a giant river. I swim to shore and everything is swampy. Then this yeti like 20 ft tall pops out of nowhere and chases me up 'his' little treehouse fort thing,(100 ft up) and then I realize I am dreaming and jump off. I am still not sure if I really was lucid, or if I just dreamed of lucid dreaming.

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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby fistania » 02 Jan 2013 19:28

wow, sometimes i envy people who naturally have the talent of LD, especially since childhood :o

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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby xiledx » 23 Jan 2013 05:31

My first LD was in grade three. I am in a building which had the layout of my school but with random colors. I go to my best friend and I say that I am dreaming and he says he is too. I then do some random stuff that I don't remember.

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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby dreamstudent789 » 26 Jan 2013 14:38

I had my first lucid dream like 3 hours ago!! :D
So I had been dreaming a lot of things and suddenly I wake up. And I think to myself (I hadn't moved and my eyes were still closed) if I'm quick enough I'll go back dreaming and stay conscious at the same time. The next thing I know I'm running in my street, past my house. But everything is very dark, like nightmare-ish. Then I suddenly fall to the ground and I think to myself "I'm dreaming?" So (for the first time ever in my dreams) I do a reality check and look at my hands. I have like 7 fingers and some of them are really small. It's funny but that moment I was just 'relaxed' and I thought to myself "Alright don't get too excited here". It was still very dark and if I stayed there any longer I knew something bad was going to happen. So I think "I'll just fly out of here", and so I do and I fly through the house next to me (superman-style) into the sky and BAM, I'm somewhere else. I'm hovering 50 feet above the ground and below me are many constructions and cranes. Everything was very detailed. So I look into the distance and as I gain altitude things just "pop up", like in some kind of video game. I do a reality check again and suddenly I have somekind of mission to complete.
At this point I am not sure if i was still lucid, because I had to complete this mission and I didn't think to myself that in real life this wouldn't make much sense. So my question is: Can you be lucid but like play along in your dream? Because i think I did.
So my mission was to infiltrate some large complex. I fly through the first wall and again, I do a reality check and still know I'm dreaming. Some people from university and some people that I don't know are with me too and are helping me. Me and a girl are in a hallway and parts of the walls and ceiling were coming towards us and would crush us. But as I knew I was dreaming and could control things, I raised my hand and with somekind of force power stopped the walls from coming towards us. I take the girls hand and jump through the ceiling and run through several walls. Finally I'm in the main office of the complex and (yeah it's stupid I know) the mission is accomplished. All of the people who helped me were there and because of this 'adventure' we all had become very close friends.
We were all very sad because I knew my dream would come to an end soon and we would not remeber each other or what we had been going through. So as my lucidity is starting to weaken I quickly grab a pen and start writing the names of my new friends on the palm of my hand SO that as I woke up I knew who they were in real life and could visit them. I really hoped that it would work so that I could make contact from this dreamworld to the real world. Sadly, as I woke up nothing was written on my hand :(

So yeah this was my first ever lucid dream. I think it was pretty cool and I think it lasted for about 15 minutes with a couple of Reality checks throughout the dream. The only thing I'm not sure of is if you can be lucid but still have to accomplish this kind of goal like you do in a normal dream ? Mine was to infiltrate this complex...

Hopefully my dream was enjoyable to read :)

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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby fyreflower » 06 Feb 2013 06:28

My first lucid dream was also the first time I did anything "by the book" so to speak : ) I had been whirring between extremely horrible nightmares and exquisite phantasmagorical dreams ever since I could remember. After a life-changing non-lucid dream a dear friend handed me the Carlos Castaneda series (the first few books). After utilizing a certain technique I found within those pages I did this....

I was walking along a beautiful back-country road, and a dilapidated yet aesthetically pleasing little wooden house was beside it, and I just walked inside. I looked down at my hands (plain and simple), and told myself I was dreaming. I looked up just observing the room. Almost immediately my vision began to blur. I looked down at my hands again to regain my dreaming energy, and when I looked back up I was able to observe the artwork on the walls.

That's it! Short and sweet. I was so calm in the was a great turning point. I will never stop feeling amazingly blessed and grateful for what I was able to turn into another lifelong practice beginning on that day.
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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby DName » 09 Feb 2013 14:52

My first lucid dream was kind of strange after false awakening. I remember I woke up and looked through the window and it was snow everythere on summer. Ran to the kitchen to check calendor. Don't remember the date and after that I kind of lost self conscious and fell to regular dream.

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Re: Share your 1st LD here! :D

Postby rothgar » 09 Feb 2013 21:07

My first lucid dream was before I had ever heard of lucid dreaming. I was in a dark alley and there was a tall chain link fence I was in front of. Behind it there there were maybe 4 rough characters with knives, and they saw me and started opening the fence and coming toward me. I was really scared, but then somehow I realized it was a dream, and I guess smiled or laughed to myself and I even said "boy, are you guys in trouble!" I then proceeded to tear these guys apart, knowing it was a dream. I told my family about it and we all got a good chuckle about it. I had maybe 2 or 3 others similar to this where I became lucid without really knowing anything about LDs, and had control.

However, while these were pretty vivid and fun, they were still dream-like... the experience of "alternate reality" was not nearly to the degree of the lucid dreams that I've had once I learned about LDs (Stephen Laberge - EWLD), and intentionally tried to achieve them. I really think that study and intention greatly increases the LD experience. In fact, many non-lucids also now give me the "alternate reality" experience.

My first LD after trying to have one intentionally was like this: I was in a bedroom with my son... he was maybe 8... he was jumping up and down on the bed and then jumped in my arms. I laughed and said "you sure are a little guy!" When I said, that, I immediately said... "No, wait... you are not small... you are Huge!" (he is over 30 now). He laughed and said "No I'm NOT!". But at that point I was looking around at the room and thinking "WOW! I DID IT! Incredible!" I was so blown away at that point that I was hooked for life.

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