Is it possible to meet your dreamguide without being lucid?

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Is it possible to meet your dreamguide without being lucid?

Postby Magnus » 10 Jul 2011 14:48

Tonight was the second time that I have dreamt something like this. It begins with this type of dream that I do not experience very often. It has alot of nighgtmare features, but without that "panic-sensation", if you know what i meen. Tonight was the second time that I have had such a dream since I started to read about lucid dreaming. I only briefly remember it, but what I recall is dreaming about me and my friends in a world that I have never seen before, and later a fire starts and I get trapped, but somehow the flame stops, and so on and so on. But at the very end of the dream I meet this lady. I have no idea how she looked like in this dream, but I know that she is a person I have met in the first dream of this kind. She then started flying and I asked her why. She then said "You are dreaming, and you are now lucid". I then started flying too, before 1 second later I woke up (inside my dream). The rest of the dream consisted of me thinking about lucid dreaming and doing reality checks rapidly. I think I was sleeping too deep to figure them out though. Laughing about that part now :lol: . I have this feeling that I am making progress. The dream before was somehow very similar. I was partying with my friends in some kind of huge arena, and I started drinking beer, and smoked and actually tried drugs too (I have never done any od these in real life so it was kind of fun :D) later in the dream I was inside this haunted house. I layed down and tried to WILD. I made it and then this ghost lady showed up and told me I was dreaming, then I woke up in my dream before I tried to WILD again, without success this time.

Some time ago, I think I have seen that lady in a nightmare too, saving me, and turning the nightmare to a nice dream.

Could this be my dream guide? I don't know why, but I have a feeling that she is.

Is it possible to meet my dream guide without beeing lucid?
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Re: Is it possible to meet your dreamguide without being luc

Postby Intrepid » 11 Jul 2011 14:29

I would answer yes to that question. My first lucid dream involved a guide and when she began speaking to me, I was suddenly lucid. However, the term "guide" is a tricky one to use properly. Unless if another dreamer is contacting you in your dreamscape, the guide is likely a subconscious projection that may or may not serve a purpose. The guide figure in my dream talked to me for what seemed like hours, but looking back, none of it was important outside the dream. Now, that may not mean that she was meaningless or random, but in a lucid dream being dreamt by someone with experience,(the dreamscape and dream characters are created by our minds) complete control is possible and a "guide" isn't necessarily even needed. Not saying to disregard your "guide"(they may be a character created to teach you something), but if you do become lucid, call out to her, or simply ask your dream to bring her to you. If that works, ask her directly what it is that she represents, or, if she is there for a reason.

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Re: Is it possible to meet your dreamguide without being luc

Postby Bleekman117 » 02 Aug 2011 00:57

It most definitely is possible. I am yet to have a LD and I believe I have already met my dream guide. She came to me as my best friends mom, who is pretty much m second mother. She helped me out in a dream with some relationship advice. I'm not 100% she was my dream guide, but once I have a LD, I will be able to know for sure!
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