Slow Wave Sleep Brain Sync

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sleep dreams
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Slow Wave Sleep Brain Sync

Postby sleep dreams » 02 Aug 2011 05:45

Hi Rebecca(or anyone who can help),
I recently purchased the slow wave sleep by brain sync since I take a long time to sleep at night and wake up frequently. As it is reviewed in this site, I thought it'd be a good place to ask some questions. Last night was my first night listening to slow wave sleep. Unfortunately, I couldn't sleep(i stopped listening after lying on bed for more than 2 hrs). At first I found the volume too loud(on ipod) so I turned it down. But even though the volume was already very low, I still couldn't sleep which is strange because it's supposed to help me sleep, not keep me awake. I'm wondering, does lowering the volume a little more will help me fall asleep? Or maybe this programme just isn't for me?

Also, should I listen one hour when I sleep or repeat it throughout the night? I'm worried that listening to it the entire night will cause me to have no dream recall since it's delta waves. Thanks.

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Re: Slow Wave Sleep Brain Sync

Postby dasurfingkid » 10 Mar 2012 05:37

if this is one of the things where the certain frequencies play and its supposed to aid your sleep i would spend money elsewhere cuz the whole thing behind that is they take the frequency of ur brain while ur in deep sleep and play the same freq. sound back to you and ur brain is supposed to mimic it therefore aiding ur sleep unfortunatly its more theory than fact and if ur sleep is a problem because of u waking up alot and it is making u tired during the day u should look at the possibility of different medical conditions that could be causing that

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