Confused, annoyed, and a little bored

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Confused, annoyed, and a little bored

Postby Extermanet » 02 Aug 2011 06:06

As With the tittle I have some things I would like to ask...

Last night (or however many nights ago based on when you read this) I had a dream where I Felt a certain feeling (wont go into details) In the dream. From What I had learned You can't feel in dreams, which was so strange because I remember the feeling so well.

For the Last few weeks I have been attempting to do perform a lucid dream (like everybody else :D ) But have been Unsuccessful. That part doesn't bother me. What DOES bother me is what I have to do constantly. Every morning when I wake up I either accidently fall back to sleep and forget my last dream or get to lazy to write it down. Then I have been getting to distracted (either by force or by will) To meditate daily.

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Re: Confused, annoyed, and a little bored

Postby PrototypeTEGTA » 02 Aug 2011 11:21

If you want to achieve lucid dreams, you must practice it very well. Don't give up on your journey, because achieving the first lucid dream is the hardest part, and if you give up so fast then it's your choice....don't let it go!
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Re: Confused, annoyed, and a little bored

Postby rdubya » 02 Aug 2011 18:16

not every path is for every person-- if you are bored, you may have lost focus on your goals for learning lucid dreaming. reestablish why you want to do this, if you find yourself still not caring, try following a new interest in the time being and see if you lead yourself back to it with new motivation.

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