Dream journal... Next best thing??

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Dream journal... Next best thing??

Postby Vaellian » 01 Feb 2013 00:09

As a college student i can't always spend 20-30 minutes writing down my last dream in my journal. and i understand that a dream journal IS the best way to enhance Dream recall. Would laying in bed for roughly 5 minutes. focusing on my dream and trying to remember as much as i could. get up. do my morning routine. then do the same. remember as much as i can (usually 100% if i spend that 5 minutes remembering it well enough). then as the day progresses just go back and test myself on how much i remember. generally speaking i can remember the dream 80% intact by night time...

The only problem is somedays i wake up without remembering my dreams but then i'm stuffed

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Re: Dream journal... Next best thing??

Postby R99 » 01 Feb 2013 08:37

as u know the best way to write ur dream on paper is the next moment after u woke up from a dream. i know its frustrating to write in the middle of the night, try wright down the important points, like the character, place, time, situation,emotion as in one word. this is a very effective method to remember ur dream. after it, its easy to get every detail of the dream just by looking at these points later. and if u would like u could expand dream story as u like at any free time. if u r a beginner in LD its a new skill to attain, & its take time. gud luk, keep dreaming.
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