DC's hijack my LD's and problems with dreamscapes

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Re: DC's hijack my LD's and problems with dreamscapes

Postby Ryan » 03 Feb 2013 19:37

One thing I'm always amazed at is how well the reality around us fills in with minimal effort from us.

You really only have to begin visualizing something regarding what you want to see... holding that visualization as crisp and vivid as you can... then you can watch it be created around you in real time.

Sometimes you might black out for a second and you'll find yourself there too though. It's an individual, unique thing as to how the reality is created.
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Re: DC's hijack my LD's and problems with dreamscapes

Postby beadietux » 04 Feb 2013 04:21

Rebecca wrote:
beadietux wrote:I'm also still totally unable to control my dreamscape. The stuff that Rebecca writes about visualizing a dreamscape and then just popping into it has NEVER worked for me. I pop into LD's and just take what I get! Sometimes it's nothing - just blackness. Most of the time it's my own apartment and then I walk outside and it just turns into a random street scene. When I try to change it, it just doesn't work, and I get frustrated.

There are loads of different ways to generate a lucid dreamscape. You'll learn best from experience and simple trial and error.

Thanks for sharing that experience with us, Rebecca...I'm hopeful about gaining ground in this area. In the last 5 months or so, I've gone from 5 second LD's where I woke myself up from uncontrollable giddy giggling to being able to consistently do RC's, do pretty much any physical thing I can thinks of, and remember to stop and talk to DC's, though I may be curbing that behavior since they keep making me lose focus with their ramblings. But I would like to gain control of that for the day that I'm able to successfully conjure up Johnny Depp! :D

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Re: DC's hijack my LD's and problems with dreamscapes

Postby Kemeny62 » 05 Feb 2013 00:17

Through trial and error I have been improving my ability to control lucid dream environments. One little "trick" I have done is to imagine I have the ability of telekinesis in my lucid dreams. I simply point at a small object and "tell" it mentally to float up into the air. Most of the time this works fairly easily. I then advanced to larger objects such as cars and buildings. Now that I have become confident with my abilities in telekinesis I am currently experimenting with pointing at objects and telling them to change their form. For example I have recently changed a car into a truck. I think the ultimate ability in being able to control the dream environment is related to your own self confidence while dreaming. I also agree with other posters here that sometimes it is just as exciting to let the lucid dream take you where it wants to and simply enjoy the adventure!

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Re: DC's hijack my LD's and problems with dreamscapes

Postby Vaellian » 06 Feb 2013 00:58

I never really understood visualizing or anything. i've only had a few lucid dreams. and they were accidental. and ended as soon as i became lucid. But whenever i try to visualize i don't really think i can do it right. is there a way to practice my visualization skill? cause when i listen to the lucid dreaming meditation MP3 or just try to visualize i never get to the point where "it becomes easier to see the staircase" or "actually feel the staircase under my feet" and all the other ones am i not relaxed enough before attempting to do this? i can get a pretty crisp image in my minds eye. but if i try to move (in my minds eye) i completely lose focus and the clarity of the image. i'm always aware of my body and i never really feel like i'm doing anything after the Mp3 is done (like self-hypnosis) it is relaxing a tad but i always feel like if needed i could jump and stand up like if i was just sitting playing a video game rather than sitting listing to the mp3

i also get alot of DC's who help me into my LD's. but then they are the cause of me waking up too

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Re: DC's hijack my LD's and problems with dreamscapes

Postby taniaaust1 » 07 Feb 2013 23:43

beadietux wrote:Mine still don't last a real long time. Most about 5 mins, some as long as 7 or 8, I think. Since I know that I can control my own actions, I play around at first - fly, put my hands through walls, jump and leap and float just to see what I can do. Then I usually seek out a DC to talk to, though I will be cautious about that from now on, and then mine always end accidentally because I lose focus. I'm working on that.

I suggest to start out smaller then to make sure you dont end up too engrossed and loose your LD. Try asking just one question and once you have the hang of that.. then 2 and so on. Build up your skills.

Ive never had a boring LD.. the only things which got boring at one point were the APs in my bedroom where I had trouble walking throu the wall and kept getting stuck in my bedroom.

One thing I just love about LDs is the unpredictability, this keeps the dream exciting as they are even more unpredictable then real life. I never know where Im going to find myself. If I end up somewhere I dont like.. I just then get away from that place and go somewhere else. I go with the flow of the dreams but I also add my own wants and goals to that flow as well eg my dream challenge aims.

You may now be creating boring dreams for yourself due to your current expectation of that is how its going to be for you. Thinking habits can be hard to change and can really affect dream experiences... you need to convince yourself and have faith that you CAN easily have a non boring dream or otherwise this may keep happening to you.
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