Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone!

Postby Ithrilian » 07 Feb 2013 14:44

Hello, my name is Nenad and I'm from Serbia!

It's the easiest way of saying hello, right? :D

So, I am new at lucid dreaming, been into it for just 3 days. I have subscribed to Rebecca's free e-book '10 Steps to Lucid Dreaming', I'm currently at step 2, dream signs, but I think it is a really GREAT thing! I have found lots of information about LD online, but most of them on this site and forum.
I have rarely remembered my dreams in the past, almost never, but when I started this Dream Journal and really focus on the dreams in the morning, I remember them all. I remember about 2-3 dreams per night, my first dream was me trying telekinesis (tried it that day, no success of course :D ) and I did it so I said to myself 'I must be dreaming' and I woke up the same second, I said 'IT WAS A DREAM!', in the middle of the night!
The second dream was unrecognizable, the third one was blurry, but the other dreams after those were all seeming so real!
In the dreams that seemed real, I was always thinking 'WHAT DID JUST HAPPEN?', because I was in one location then on another and so on.... But I couldn't say 'This is a dream!'.

I have tried to fall asleep conscious, I was lying still, even lost the feeling of my body, some pictures started appearing but I lost them quickly. I started to shake and sort of 'vibrate' or something, I don't know what was that, but I was awake, while my eyes were closed. It all seemed as a moment and I lost the feeling so I just opened my eyes and looked at the clock, 1 hour has passed, I couldn't believe!

I'm not lying to you, no reason to. But only 3 days passed and all of those thing happened!

I am really amazed by LD and not many people understand me about that, the see it as waste of time, not real and so on... I tried the explain the millions of great things about it, but in vain.
I spend every moment I can to get more info on LD and dreaming itself.

I want to thank Rebecca for creating this awesome website and forum, and thanks goes to all members that make this forum so good. I have found awesome info on both forum and website. I read about new LD experiences and more on this forum, so thank you for sharing that!

I know this is long for the first post, but I just had to share that, so, please, understand me.

Sweet dreams!

P.S: I do reality checks during the day whenever I remember.
Nenad Mikovic

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