surfing and kitten

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surfing and kitten

Postby knight of cups » 07 Feb 2013 15:35

In my dream I was surfing with my son in Hawaii. I noticed I was on one of my son's short boards and I've only ridden long boards in waking life. The waves were big and I was having my doubts. Then my son, who was next to me said "Let's go" and I started paddling. We caught the wave and I was able to ride it to shore. I was more relieved than excited.

I started back out and was walking in knee deep water when I looked down into the clear water and saw an orange kitten walking on the bottom. (I was surprised but I had seen an underwater cat in dreaming before so I accepted it). I picked up the kitten and it had kind of spiky fur but was adorable. I walked over to my wife who was sitting in the sand and she immediately took the kitten and I thought "Here we go with adopting another stray".

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