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Postby Crescentmoon33 » 19 Jan 2013 01:14

Ive been attempting lucid dreamig for awhile now trying to use a mix of MILD and WILD with WBTB ive had a few close calle with the WILDs but havent quite gotten it yet. Basically i havent had a lucid dream... Or at least i thought i hadnt. You see, the other night i told myself that i would wake up after my first REM cycle, and since i have been training myself to do that it usually works wonderfully, but i was in the middle of this awesome dream and i remember i was able to feel my body in bed but i was still able to feel myself in the dream as well. I was concious enough that i thought if i really wanted to wake up, decided not to and went back in my dream. It wasnt hard cuz i was still there in a sense. I dont remember the rest of the dream or if i became lucid.

The next night, i went to bed and attempted a MILD and it worked to an extent. I was able to recognize i was dreaming, but the revelation didnt jar me enough to completely wake me up.

So basically im just wondering what im doing wrong and how i can fix it. Because i am officially able to recognize when im in a dream, but then its like a half daze where i cant take control of the dream but am aware im dreaming. Is there something i can do to become fully lucid?

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Re: Help!!!

Postby taniaaust1 » 08 Feb 2013 00:50

Experiment with energy raising techniques.. as they can end up helping you to be less dazed and more aware when in the dreams. It may just be a case of you still also adusting to LDing and u may feel less dazed with more practice.
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