Can Rebecca or anyone plz help me with this???

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Can Rebecca or anyone plz help me with this???

Postby dreamworld777 » 10 Feb 2013 13:43

For years I have been looking for an answer to this question and never have yet found one...does anyone have any idea what was happening here?????
Here is my experience.......when I was a child,about 10 or 11,I got up one night in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.My father was sleeping on the couch laying with his back turned to me.As I was walking back through the livingroom back to my bedroom,my father suddenly sat straight up...I stopped and looked at him,thinking he was about to say something to me,but when he turned his head to look at me,his eyes were opened but completely eyeballs,no color,just white....I stood there for a second almost frozen in place,at 10 years old,this was horribly frightening.I quickly walked past him toward my room and as I walked by his white eyes followed me across the room....staring right at me but never did he say a word.When I got back to my bed,I remember covering myself head and all with the blankets being scared to death.After about a minute or so,I sat up and looked out into the living room(my room was right off the living room,so I could see directly out there where he was) I looked out and saw my father lay back down onto his back,cross his hands across his chest and close his eyes.........I guess going back to sleep......or was he ever even awake?????

What was this? What did I see? I was 100% awake,not dreaming or sleep walking or anything like that.The next day,I waited to see if he would have any recollection of seeing me get up in the night time but he never said a word about it......I just couldn't figure it out and to this day,I have never forgotten this.

My question is...why were his eyes just white like he had no eyeballs...and why was he able to physically 'see' me and follow me with his eyes as I walked across the room? Was he awake or sleeping and what kind of state was he in while doing this or what was he even doing?? Has anyone ever had an experience like this with anyone??

Many times I have asked my mom if she knew what happened or if she ever saw my dad this way in the night time and she almost doesn't answer me as if she just simply does not want to....this memory has stuck with me my whole life.I was 10 or 11 then and am 41 now....why have I not forgotten this???

If anyone has any idea at all as to what I saw or experienced that night,I would absolutely be ever grateful for any responses,ideas or even just opinions.

If I could try to make you understand exactly what I saw,I would say it was like I walked by him,he sat straight up,raising his upper body into a perfectly straight sitting position,his legs still stretched out in front of him...his eyes opened wide open but were completely white and he immediately knew of my presence in the room,turning his head and focusing directly on I walked by he followed me with his eyes...never moving nor saying a word.He looked so scary....not like a peaceful,normal facial expression but an angry,evil,sinister look that I never seem to forget.

Please anyone...tell me what you think this was and what is it about this experience that my mind refuses to let me forget.I woke up this morning at 5am with this memory clearly in my mind repeating over and over and I could not go back to sleep at all.I wasn't afraid of this memory but found myself with this undeniable urge to know what I was seeing that night...............does anyone have any ideas at all??????
It will be so interesting to hear anyone's thoughts on this........... :?:

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Re: Can Rebecca or anyone plz help me with this???

Postby erichsa » 10 Feb 2013 21:55

You were seing your father in a dream, it is called "False awakening" In a false awakening you will swear that is what was happening, because it is so real. In a false awakening I got up did my morning things, started to make breakfast, everything absolutely normal. Only I went often to the laptop to check what I should use for breakfast. When I started in the kitchen looking for things i never eat for breakfast, I said something is wrong, and woke up standing in the living room doubting my sanity. Believe me it was your dream,the way your saw your father. Check "False awakening" and read up on the subject. :)

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Re: Can Rebecca or anyone plz help me with this???

Postby taniaaust1 » 11 Feb 2013 08:31

I thought the False Awakening answer the other has given is a good one.

or it is possible that your father was just acting out in his sleep (like sleepwalkers do) but he had his eyes rolled up. That would be enough to scare most 10 year olds!! and make them think possibly something evil is going on. I dont know if you've ever seen someone acting out in their sleep but its strange as they often know what is around them and often can move throu a house without bumping into things. Like thou they are asleep.. a part of them is still aware and aware some of the surroundings.

ive seen my daughter when she was young in a night terror state in which she'd got out of bed while asleep and had ended up screaming at something which wasnt there.. her eyes were rolled up in her head (the whites only showing.. what you said of your father made me think of her sleepwalking.
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Re: Can Rebecca or anyone plz help me with this???

Postby dreamworld777 » 11 Feb 2013 15:36

Thank you are probably right.I never thought of a false awakening because I was so sure that I was awake but I probably wasn't really and way back then I had no idea about any of these things that I have learned of now.I do remember though as a child always having the most vivid dreams and also having dreams where I would see something happening and it would end up really happening in real life.Nothing tragic,just simple random things that would end up actually happening.I now think that back then I was probably having lucid dreams or very vivid dreams that I just didn't understand.....but I sure do understand what they are now... :lol: Thanks for your put a long asked question to rest....finally after like 30 years haha!!!! Sweet dreams friends!!!

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Re: Can Rebecca or anyone plz help me with this???

Postby Worldenterer1 » 12 Feb 2013 23:28

Maybe he was kind of sleep walking, but just sitting up and looking around. His eyes may have been rolled back?
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