Hello ! First Post and possible first lucid dream?! help

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Hello ! First Post and possible first lucid dream?! help

Postby Cavaliero » 03 Mar 2013 09:33

Hi im Cav! and ive been reading about lucid dreams the past few days.. normally i very rarely if ever remember my dreams, the past couple of days ive been doing reality checks throughout the day and a lot before bed, i woke up thismorning and could remember this dream so clear it was shocking, ill copy and paste what i wrote in my dream diary and maybe you could tell me if it was a light lucid dream or whatever, but the thought of having a full proper lucid dream is obsessing my brain now! anyway heres my dream diary.

Dream 1

Plane crashed into the sea, woke up with a young boy and a foreign girl about my age in a wooden house ontop of water surrounded by trees, the house was raised above water with concrete supports going to the
bottom of the lake, I could levitate myself to see a view of the house and lake and it was amazing, swimming underneath the house were huge killer wales and massive fish, i swam with them and could breathe
underwater, I remember thinking that i needed to find a way to get home, and i found a foreign man about to go fishing, i asked him he could tell me where we were and he wrote it down on a newspaper,
the street name began with a C, but i cant remember the rest of the name, C******* Street, my phone was the only one with signal and i rung my ex girlfiend to tell her that the plane had crashed
and where i was, she was VERY hard to talk too! like kept ignoring me when im trying to tell her something important! and then i woke up. I can only remember doing a reality check once.I believe i was dreaming about a plane because im flying to australia on April 15th.

what do ya think guys?

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Re: Hello ! First Post and possible first lucid dream?! help

Postby taniaaust1 » 05 Mar 2013 04:31

If you were aware that you were actually dreaming.. its a LD . if you didnt... it isnt.
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