Some few questions.

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Re: Some few questions.

Postby fineganswaker » 09 Aug 2011 19:28

rdubya wrote:My roomate has many deaf friends. I will ask them the next time I see one if they can hear in dreams.


Oh, man--keep us posted on this! The other thing to consider is that that experience will still be subjective (the old "Is your blue my blue?" conundrum) , so the sensation of sight/sound for someone who's blind/deaf might just be something different than how we experience it--which is pretty darn fascinating in its own right!

Again, how such a person would describe those sensations--the language that person would use--will be important to consider--and the question then will be if you can "recognize" light or sound in those descriptions.



ps: Remember also that sound, at least, is vibration--it can be felt. Light in some ways is the same. I remember a news item from back a-ways where this guy who's blind was allowed into, like, the Louvre and permitted to touch the sculptures in order to "see" them. Do the other senses step up to the plate and pinch hit to some extent for the missing ones? I definitely think so.

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Re: Some few questions.

Postby rdubya » 09 Aug 2011 19:39

fineganswaker wrote: Do the other senses step up to the plate and pinch hit to some extent for the missing ones? I definitely think so.

I remember seeing a documentary on a scientist who wanted to see if brainwaves change for someone who becomes blind. They had a person who can see do all these tests, such as touching brail, and recorded the brain activity. There was very little activity in the brain.

then the same person blindedfolded themself (very well, padding and all) for 1 month. She then did the same tests. The brail one showed that her brain activity had greatly increased and she reported she could really feel the bumps in much more detail than she could when she could see.

She also started learning brail while blindfolded, and they noticed the same part of the brain we use for seeing was now being used when she was reading brail!

She noted her smell, hearing, and touch greatly increased, and they did not fully diminish after she unblindfolded herself. Her senses were very toned afterwards.

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