schizophrenic dream

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schizophrenic dream

Postby onderdonk » 09 Mar 2013 00:43

While I am awake I may be schizotypal but I am not schizophrenic; I know the 'difference’ between dreams and reality, even if half the significant stuff that happens to me in life happens in dreams. But when I am asleep, I go over the edge. "The despicable devil gets you at your most defenseless - when you're sleeping", a girlfriend said.

While I am dreaming I don't have the extra function that keeps me seemingly sane. I get confused about what's real. There are regular dreams but then there are supernatural dreams, and in the supernatural dreams I can seem schizophrenic.

There was some demon in the bathroom of a big house, so when he was in there with the door closed; I slipped some paper under the door, as an attack. Then I ran out of the house and kept running through the neighborhood with big homes and very wide streets. I had thought I would have more time, but the demon was right behind me, so I had no time to hide; I thought l would find someone and ask for help, so I looked around at people's living rooms while I ran through the street, but I thought I wouldn't have enough time to get in, so I ran toward a park and I saw a police car going into an area enclosed with a fence, so I went there for protection.

A cop with a big dog was looking for a criminal he couldn't find, and when he saw me, he was corrupt and decided to kill me saying I had been the person he was looking for. So I killed the dog and killed the cop and chopped them up and buried them in the park. (The demon chasing me never showed again. I had done his will, I think.)

Then I went back to my family, but the next morning my sister's cat was missing, and I knew I had killed it, thinking it was that dog, and I felt very guilty, but I acted like I didn't know where he was and went out and pretended to look for him. The person I had killed was really the Philippino fiancé of someone else in the group, and she didn't know where he was, and I felt very bad about that also. Then he came back! He had lived, but he was very badly damaged, and didn't remember what had happened. So not only did I feel guilty, but I was frightened that I would be caught for what I had done.

Time went on looking for the cat, and the fiancé had a stroke and said he felt like he was sinking to the ground. I thought I should tell his fiancé that he was going to die and this would be her last time with him, but I didn't because I was scared.

Eventually I was going on a business trip, and it seemed a couple of guys knew what I had done and weren't telling but were torturing me. One said, "What are you packing there? He's got dead bodies in the bag!" But I said "no, it's just some papers I need", and I was worried that my cellphone would be found with the chopped up body of the cat with my name on it. The guy next to me said "maybe we should get a bunch of people to search the park” but I still acted like I didn't know anything.

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Re: schizophrenic dream

Postby taniaaust1 » 11 Mar 2013 08:28

Was this a lucid dream? It wasnt reading like a lucid one... you didnt seem to act on any of your lucidity. You didnt say at what point in the dream you woke up (knew you were dreaming) or were you awake the whole time?.

symbolically demon is probably yourself and dream indicates you are hiding from yourself... also being deceptive with yourself or others (all those people in the dream u were hiding the truth from. Ask yourself what are u not wanting to face or see). Sounds like you need to face things and be more open with yourself to help get rid of these nightmares which are symbolic.

best luck
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