Why is Lucid Dreaming important to you?

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Re: Why is Lucid Dreaming important to you?

Postby worldenterer » 12 Aug 2011 00:59

I think lucid dreamin is awsome because you get to play god for a while. I was even thinking about having a lucid dream, and then creating a civilization on an entire planet that I created, and I can watch them evolve and worship me! 8-)

You can also do stuff that would normally screw you over in real life, like lead a chase from police, or fight people.
It needs to be about 20% cooler.

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Re: Why is Lucid Dreaming important to you?

Postby Mewie » 12 Aug 2011 06:44

Well, my mom has always dreamed alot (not LDs) and told me about dreaming. I've always been facinated by dreaming, especially "dreams where you know that you're dreaming" (before I heard about LD). I see it as a little escape from reality. And, hey, we're dreaming anyway. Why not make it to an amazing journey? (:
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