my ongoing night terrors

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my ongoing night terrors

Postby hatterwest » 28 Mar 2013 12:06

Hey everyone I'm new to this forum and am keen to try out lucid dreaming to assist or prevent my random and sometimes often night terrors. I'm 24 and have been having random night terrors for as long as i can remember. They often occur if I'm stressed, uncomfortable in my surrounding or over-tired(which makes me more stressed/tired and the cycle continues..)

I often see dead people walking around the bedroom or giant snakes and or spiders.
I've seen an albino crocodile walking on the roof and a fluorescent snake slithering near my bed all in the same week. These are the bad ones.. where i wake up screaming and sweating a lot. Sometimes i get up and follow dead people around my room and sometimes through the house and then wake up screaming because i don't know what's going on and why I'm standing in another room and not in my bed.
Sometimes i see people and I'll just sit up and watch them and randomly have conversations with them. My boyfriend sometimes finds this amusing. Other times he has to slowly calm me down and bring me back to a conscious state.

Other times i'll see weird animals and try and reach out and touch them.. again my boyfriend finds this amusing and sometimes plays along.

I was googling night terrors after listening to a podcast with Steve Volk who was talking about lucid dreaming and night terrors.

Anyone previously experienced this? still experiencing this? any help would be great!!


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