Help A Desprate Newbie!

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Help A Desprate Newbie!

Postby ~Dreamer~ » 03 Apr 2013 01:53

When I first found out about Liucid Dreaming I was fascinated and I still am! Ok, so I have been trying to have LDs for months with little success. The closest I've gotten was when I did a reality check in a dream a couple months ago and I realized I was dreaming! It lasted for a few seconds then I woke up. Since then I have tried multiple techniques with little results. I don't usually have trouble remembering my regular dreams and I keep a dream journal. I have attempted WILDs before and I usually get into a hypnagogic state and start to drift away but then I either fall asleep or get stuck and wake up. (And by the way I'm a teenage guy in highschool so the only time I can try new techniques is at night) I am very ready to have my first lucid dream. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
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Re: Help A Desprate Newbie!

Postby tea » 03 Apr 2013 09:56

doing wrong? you're not necessarily doing something wrong, sometimes it just takes it's time. one of the most important aspects of lucid dreaming as patience.

but of course there are things you could do, like WBTB. have you tried that?
also, in how much detail do you work with dream signs?
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