Heylo!!! :D

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Heylo!!! :D

Postby JustMe0 » 19 Aug 2011 15:58

I really didn't notice the forums link until a few months after I first starting reading from this website :lol:
So I'm in high school and have been trying to train myself to have Lucid Dreams for a few months (well, most of it was just research- I really didn't start till few weeks ago). I heard about it when I was in 8th or 7th grade when I was....i dunno, trying to find who I was...? haha-- anyhoo, I'm not entirely sure exactly how I heard about it but I think it has to do something to do with binaural beats (I know I found out about them first).

I've experienced sleep paralysis but I never had a lucid dream- as far as I can tell. I remember me saying "this is a dream" while dreaming but still nothing :( - I tried the WILD and the subliminal videos but they only helped me remember 3+ dreams a night. My dreams have gotten more vivid but still dark and fuzzy.
What else can I do to increase the chances of having a LD?
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Re: Yo!

Postby JustMe0 » 19 Aug 2011 16:01

Oh! and I read bits of that book by LaBerge, Stephen... (that's the author right?)
Without our memories, who will we be?
Some deep stuff right therrr :D xD

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Re: Heylo!!! :D

Postby Mewie » 20 Aug 2011 16:14

Hey you, and welcome to the forum!

Sounds cool with your experience. I'm sure, that if you keep trying and training, that you soon will have a LD (or remember it).

Well, have you tried the WBTB technique? I've heard it is really great!

Btw, WILD is pretty hard for beginners (or people who never have luciddreamed). Maybe you should try another technique? =)

--Have nice dreams!..
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