Very wierd false awakenings

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Very wierd false awakenings

Postby DAZ_XT950 » 20 Aug 2011 16:58

Earlier today (around 12.00 to 12.30) I was feeling very tired even though I got a great sleep last night, so I ended up falling asleep and in my dream I got the feeling that something wasn't right and I looked at my hands and they were messed up and I became lucid and I started to wake up so I turned around with my eyes shut and transported to a place that resembled a building from a dream i had a few weeks ago but nevertheless i woke up straight after, or so i thought. so i got out of bed and i got the same feeling and looked at my hands and realised i was still dreaming but i also had the feeling that i was on the verge of waking up. so i tried to play around a bit (i had a very exhilarating ability to fly but it felt like a massive jump while dodging objects) but i woke up again. so i thought well that was fun and i went down stairs poured myself a bowl of rice krispies and started to eat them but i then noticed that i was eating coco pops and i lol'd and became lucid...again. so i had more false awakenings and became lucid every time but i felt as though i was going to wake up during all of them. also in one of them i was being attacked by a huge dog but i knew it was a dream so it didn't hurt but it was SERIOUSLY annoying and i couldn't make it go away so i decided i would wake up but i couldn't do that either. eventually when i actually woke up i wasn't sure if i was awake or dreaming at first. this was my first lucid dream (or chain of lucid dreams) for years and i did look into trying to induce them quite recently but i lost my motivation to do it after a week and a half (i still wanted to do it though). so i was wanting to know if there was a reason for these false awakenings, like my subconcious or something not wanting me to have lucid dreams. and i also wanted to know if these lucid dreams could have been induced by me going to sleep but my mind being very aware because i already got a great sleep the night before.

thanks for reading and i really needed to share the story with people who are interested in lucid dreaming. :D

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Re: Very wierd false awakenings

Postby worldenterer » 21 Aug 2011 19:12

lol. FAs are fun
It needs to be about 20% cooler.

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Re: Very wierd false awakenings

Postby domitomi7 » 19 Sep 2011 00:17

Try screaming.
Scream like wild.
If you fell change in voice,you are about to wake up.
You may also attrack your family members,or your pet,so they will wake you up.
Also,if you know that you are dreaming,destroy your house.
burn it down, or spawn box of dynamite.

Note that destroying your home may be gate to nightmare,so beware.

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