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Personal Lucid Dreaming Progress Blog

Postby Daluthe » 01 May 2011 11:43

My second post here, how are we all? I thought it would help some or many by posting my Live Journal here on the WoLD Forum. Through a period of time, I recorded as much as I could in all areas! From Supplement dose, to notes on how reality checks are effecting my dreams. Recorded dreams of 1000+ words, and extended thoughts on things I felt note worthy.

Do note the goal was to Lucid Dream into the "Astral Planes" or Astral Projection through Lucid Dreaming. So some of my Astral Projection recordings are also in the LJ, as well as my one time success with this method that's also recorded.

People who want to take Supplements will find detailed recordings of what I took to enhance dreams, and the doses. My thoughts and such how my dreams were effected. And I did take a good range and combined a number of supplements, including one herb (Mexican Dream herb - Calea Zacatechichi, enhanced 10x and non enhanced I think).

Nothing of a professional blog, I am sure there are many better ones out there. But its an experience from another, and each person has different levels of success and outcomes. So this can be useful either way (I knew recording it all would come in handy for anyone with great interest in the areas ;) ).

Do not view if you are a Grammar Nazi. I would say its all half decent and can be read, I am sure the odd mistake here and there. Also some "basis of belief" is mixed in sometimes I am sure, I think this is more with my latest submission (this one can be ignored, bar the information about the Dream Herb). What really matters is the information's value.

(this can be stickyed if my blog seems to be a good source for people)

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