Very confused

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Very confused

Postby Auditore » 04 Aug 2012 15:05

This morning...I don't even know where to start from, the idea is that I don't know witch one of those moments were real and witch weren't real.
I was in my bed, in my ordinary sleep position :lol: , and then I decided, because I was going back to sleep, to lucid dream.The hypnagogia started, I kept hearing someone calling for one named " Am " and I just get along with it.When the tiniest image crossed my mind, I sticked with it.There was a complex of a few villas at the sea.I started to hear some seagulls.I was hearing that "purring" in my head very intense, and I lost that image, in the blackness behind my eyelids , some patterns and colors appeared and then disappeared.
After that, I waked myself up from a dream where someone was choking me, simply by opening one eye.
I don't know if what I experienced, with the hypnagogia and stuff ( seagulls , the purring...) was real, because after that I have nothing , just that dream that scared me and made me wake up.
It was very real, the "purring", those colors behind my eyelids , just like my others attempt to lucid dream, but it's like a memory from a dream..what do you think it was ? :?

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Re: Very confused

Postby AngelXdv » 14 Apr 2013 20:36

Nearly an year... I feel sorry for necroing but begginers should notice: this experiences are WILDs(more exactly hypnagogia state). They are real. Very real! Just that after a while they seem dreams. No they are not! They are genuine experiences of hypnagogia.

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