OBEs, lucid dreams, and sleep paralysis

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OBEs, lucid dreams, and sleep paralysis

Postby artic65 » 27 Apr 2013 20:04

I am 12 years old and have investigated lucid dreams with my best friend since about a year ago. While this page has helped me have 3 vivid lucid dreams, I think most of them relied on things. For example, my first lucid dream was a WILD, in which I watched sleep hypnosis, and my last one yet I suspect was beacuse I woke up and went back to sleep ( not on purpose) many times, and that might have been the same as WBTB. The only one that didnt rely on one was about a month ago but im worried its too rare for me. I have heard about inducing lucid dreams and OBEs (which im also interested in) by sleep paralysis. However, many people ive read about on the forum say that sleep paralysis is really awful and you see lots of things. I am brave at the best of times, but I really am afraid that zombies, my ultimate phobia since i was little, ( i have no explanation for it) will show up in the middle of my sleep paralysis and I would be traumatized forever and give up lucid dreams out of fear.So i was wondering if there are any ways of inducing OBEs and lucid dreaming without SP, and if there isnt, Im not concerned about the hard to breathe part, just about the hallucinations, and only the scary ones, I dont care if they are angels or something. Can someone please help me?
Thanks in advance

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