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Postby Masochancer » 09 May 2013 20:29

So, hi, my name is Alana and I'm a lucid dreamer ( i just think its funny to introduce myself as if I'm in AA). I've been lucid dreaming as long as I can remember, and didn't really know it wasn't the way EVERYONE dreams until I was in my late teens..... Recently a friend of mine introduced me to the movie "Waking Life" and since then we've discussed the topic a few times. Retrospectively, I think I most likely started lucid dreaming as a defense mechanism in childhood: I have a VERY strong visual imagination, and I have always had really terrifying nightmares, but at some point I learned that if I'm too scared, and I shut my eyes in the dream and say to myself "this is a dream. its a DREAM and I'm going to wake up NOW", when I open my eyes, I open them in "real life" as well, and therefore escape. I've experimented a bit with lucidity, mostly with fantasy fulfillment and such, but not much further.

The friend who showed me "waking life" is not currently able to lucid dream, and she's asked me how I learned, but since I learned unintentionally I couldn't really tell her, so I decided to research it and that's how i found this site.

So, I'm new, I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking for in this place, maybe to learn more about myself, maybe just to meet others who can identify with my experiences, not entirely sure, but it seems like a good place for me to spend time, and have conversations with interesting people.

That's my intro...feel free to contact me and leave any thoughts you might have :D

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Re: New

Postby LucidLink » 10 May 2013 05:53

Welcome friend:) and I am in the exact same boat as you!!!

I developed lucid dreaming naturally as a child as a result of nightmares, in waking myself from these nightmares I would also experience many false awakenings.

However at the time, all that was just plain old dreaming to me. But recently, about 3 months ago a friend who can't lucid dream told me about lucid dreaming. At that time, I had grown completely out of dreaming, and I didn't even remember regular dreams anymore. But then I became aware of LDing, and I also became aware of the fact that I had luckily naturally done this as child and merely grown out of it.

So I set out to lucid dream, and sure enough i was having LDs and dreams again in about a week!

I consider us quite lucky, most people have to learn, and for some, learning seems to be quite hard. I've never been so grateful for my imagination before haha! ;)

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Re: New

Postby mia » 10 May 2013 16:49

Welcome Masochancer!
I also, have lucid dreamed most of my life, and did not know it was not the 'usual' experience (until about a month ago).

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