Loss of control in my LD

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Loss of control in my LD

Postby lizashis » 14 May 2013 17:57

Ive only had a few LD's and the majority of them only lasted for a small amount of time such as a few seconds. The other night I had another LD but different from the others I couldn't seem to get control of what I wanted to do in the dream. By this I mean i know exactly what I wanted to do and I knew very well that I was in a LD yet nothing worked.

I cant remember almost any of this dream (considering I remembered even having a dream that night hours after I woke up) but I remember coming into the dream and either being on the ground or looking up (the angle I was looking hinted this). While I was staring up I may have felt the need to move but at that moment I ended up stabilizing the dream. The dream stabilizing looked as if everything i was looking at was the reflection on a lake and the ripples from one drop hitting it were calming down. After that point I can only remember being very aggravated. I was aggravated because no matter how hard i tried i could not do anything. In my dream state i could remember what I was supposed to be able to do in a LD, such as fly, but i could not do anything but walk straight forward. At one point I even did a reality check. I pulled on my fingers trying desperately to morph them but they didn't move. Which made that much worse was the fact the I very very well knew i was dreaming.

I was just looking for any answer on why i may not have been able to control my dream. TY
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Re: Loss of control in my LD

Postby DreamerMan99 » 15 May 2013 01:33

I think it has something to do with being a noob. I too suffered from this. I think our minds cannot comprehend it, and there is a part of us saying "Dafuq u doin this shit cant happen in real life lol sthap it" while we want to jump right in. My first 5 lucid dreams were pretty shitty too. Fuzzy, low quality like a bad youtube video, short, or I couldn't remember much. I had one where I couldn't control anything, so I just went to bed in a lucid dream. I've heard it helps to do a mantra thing with your dream goals so maybe they will move on with you into the dream realm. Just stick to doing a dream journal it helps with recall and such. It could be that your having an amazing LD but can't remember anything because of weak recall.
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