whatt is this.

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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whatt is this.

Postby gprime » 06 Sep 2011 12:23

i just woke up. im still so confused. i wrote it all down and sent it my best friend on facebook. adam. of course hes sleeping right now. i went into the other room and woke up my brother and showed him this. and talked a bit.
i still dont understand.
something happeend to me. i just woke up from a dream. in the dream i dove into water. the ni swam to the bottom. then i dove into the ground, and swam down into blackness. in the blackness a started to turn quiclyy untlil i came to a realization. ive forgotten what it was. i was pulled out of the water and ross(brother) was there, and then i dont remember the rest. the dream ended
i woke up and my light was on. i had left it on. this is the wierd part man and i feel like i should be freaking out. like badly. i heard something and i opeend my eyes and something was flying in front of myy face. its wings were moving fast so it sounded like a hummingbird, and it was about the right size, but i couldnt see it for sure because i was squinting cuz it was right in my face . it did something to me man. there was a soudn too. i dont remeber the sound. i feel like it sent some kind of energy through me. my whole body kinda twitched. and now i feel wide awake. i dont feel scared at all. i have a tiny heaadache. thats all. but other than that i feel fine.

thats it. i still have the heaadache. please post any comments in as comforting or analytical tone as possible.....do i need help?

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Re: whatt is this.

Postby yogithis » 16 Sep 2011 22:46

I wouldn't worry. Not one bit.

realisations happen all the time. The magnitude of the realisation can bring us thumping back without the memory of what the realisation was. The specific energy sensation is quite common during meditations and journeying.
As for the headache...try sleep!

But don't worry, if you do then your mind will use it as a trick to stop or hinder you.

Hope this helps.

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