Hi Lucid dreamers! I have a couple of questions.

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Re: Hi Lucid dreamers! I have a couple of questions.

Postby Je-Je » 18 May 2013 07:22

Yeah me too i have problem with LD. After doing 3 lucid dream i have stop everythings; reality checks, dream journal, meditation. I was free again; I could pass a day without asking me if it was a dream now, didnt need to wake up at 6 to wrote my dream.

But then i re-got motivate by a video, and retry. After a few months i still didnt get any LD, and im still waiting. Youre not alone friend.
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Re: Hi Lucid dreamers! I have a couple of questions.

Postby taniaaust1 » 18 May 2013 08:19

BoroMulloy wrote: I have tryed to make it better,by waking up during REM sleep,but i can not seem to get any recall at all. (I have recalled dreams before) Do you know why this may be?

not being able to recall dreams may just be a stage you are going throu right now. I currently arent recalling many dreams but in the past was recalling up to 8-9 per night. So dont assume how hard it is to recall right now will always be the case.

Also, while i am trying to lucid dream,i have been layed still for about 10 minutes,and i know my body is asleep, but i do not see any hypnagogic imagery or colours behind my closed eye lids, do you know why this could be?

Not everyone gets hypnagogia images. I rarely do.. Im far more likely just to WILD. umm laying still for 10mins... many of us lay still for an hour or even more. This stuff doesnt necessarily happen fast!!

- I try to enter sleep paralysis,and then a lucid dream from there.

Sleep paralyses and hypogogic images are things you shouldnt be aiming for as such, they are things which can just naturally happen for some while aiming for a LD but not necessary things. Not everyone gets sleep paralyses with this. (I cant even remember when I last got sleep paralyses it was so many years ago but I LD quite often).

If you arent remembering many dreams.. try WILD as with WILD you dont need to remember your dreams as one can consciously enter a dream with no break with consciousness, so "for some", it may be easier then trying to remember dreams. Everyone is different in what methods they will find easier.

One final question i have been falling asleep while in the relaxing stages while trying to get my body to fall asleep and my mind to stay conscious,and i dont know why this could be?

Keep trying, it may be lack of self discipline or just trying to do this when too tired.
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